Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spectrum of Summer Sales


There's lots of sizzling summer deals going on right now (doesn't that sound like a car commerical? haha). Check these out!

  • Nordstrom's final Clearances (up to 70% off)
  • Shop Bop has pages and pages of sale items
  • Ooh La Luxe's Summer savings
  • Old Navy has clothes for as inexpensive as $5
  • All of the Rogan pieces are super marked down at Target
  • Forever 21 has deals on some of their already low prices
xoxo, lauren


K.B. said...

thank you for the sale tips! i'll be checking rogan out fo sure.

Kimberwyn said...

Thanks for the plug!!

And omg at that Foley and Corrina top being on sale, I've been looking at it forever! So cute.

lauren! said...

Agh! I haven't been to Target when Rogan has been there, so I better go now. Unfortunately all the sale items are always XXL at my Target... Hmph. I'll go anyway.

Chelsea Rae said...

hmm...Rogan on sale from already inexpensive— that's why I love Target. I actually just bought a Gryson bag from Target that was 50% off. I'm so excited about it!

CoutureCarrie said...

The shopbop 70% is particularly thrilling! Great post and info. :)

Kira Fashion said...

My fav? the blue dress!

a kiss

LML said...

oooh i live for bargains!

thanks so much for the sweet comment :)


Nice roundup of choices :)

Aisha said...

we all LOVE sales, don't we?
Wish I had those stores over here too, that blue dress is adorable.

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