Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stars and Stripes Forever

For those of us living in the United States tommorow is Independence Day! A day filled with lots of American flags, patriotic songs, cookouts, and fireworks.. I'm getting excited just thinking about it! It's going to be nice to spend some quality time with the family.

Take cues from the Chanel spring/summer 2008 show and put on your red, white & blue. Show off your pride in denim, eyelet, and horizontal stripes; an easy way to achieve the look- Extra points for bright red lipstick! I'm planning on rocking some denim shorts & a floaty white tee.

Have a happy 4th of July everyone!

xoxo, lauren


gilda said...

i love the chanel star-spangled outfit. i have a bbq to go to at pat field's this july 4th and nothing to wear!! i need to spend all of tomorrow making something and hopefully i can find some star fabric like that. :)

susie_bubble said...

Never been into stars and stripes but for 4th July...hmm...maybe?

Cate said...

your planned outfit sounds good, but personally i would feel a little uniformed if i wore, say, that outfit from chanel.
about the h&m things: do you think i should buy them?

CoutureCarrie said...

Yay! I just did a similar post and chose the same Chanel look :) Your fireworks are festive - happy 4th!

lisa said...

The LAMB look is very cute and classic, and you can't go wrong with the motto on that Old Navy tee!

FabFashionista said...

I'm not leaving till late Saturday but I would love for you to give me ideas on what to do in FL.

I would totally appreciate it!! Thanks in advance.

By the way cute planned outfit. I love when you do them! They are so fun and girly.

Trying to Live.Love.Laugh.

Ragamala said...

I can't believe I forgot all about the fourth of July! Needless to say, I must get going if I want to find something to wear for all the bbq's and what not tomorrow!

lauren said...

i love this! for me, wearing red, white, and blue without looking extremely tacky is a challenge for me! happy independence day!

Secretista said...

PERRFECT. Now, if I could find an outfit in my closet to imitate the look.

Cate said...

happy independence day!

LML said...

happy 4th of JULY!!!

coco said...

I would love to be in the states on the 4th of July!
I hope you had a good day!

MadameDior said...

i love the Chanel star print dress!

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