Wednesday, August 27, 2008

D.I.Y. Dorm Decorating

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This post is for anonymous who commented a couple posts ago & my other college aged readers. I love to write about what everyone wants to read, so feel free to shoot me an email any time with suggestions!

For me living in a dorm where I couldn't paint or even put nails in the wall was a creative struggle. I craved my own artistic space, but wasn't sure how to pull that off. I sure wish I would have had someone giving me decorating suggestions beyond the taped up Breakfast at Tiffany's poster (which seems to be a staple in every college girl's dorm room!).

Here are some simple yet stylish dorm decorating solutions/d.i.y. projects:

  1. Create your own Pop Art Masterpiece: Pick a favorite photo and use basic photo editing software or even photobucket to alter it into 4 different color tints or exposures. Place them all next to eachother and glue to black foam core.
  2. Bulletin Boards aren't just for pictures: Push pins make great necklace holders. It's a great way to put your jewelry on display and have some function as well.
  3. Personalizing your Space: Trace letters onto white posterboard, cut out and then trace the pattern onto a patterned piece of cardstock. Paste together and Voila!
  4. Magazine Collage Frames: Paste patterned/colored strips of magazines onto inexpensive white frames to create a colored background. Then, cut out and paste your favorite clothing, quotes, or celebrities on top. Using a foam brush coat with modge podge to create a laquered finish.
  5. Record Border: Line the walls with old records by your favorite artists or with cool covers for a musical touch to your room. It adds a great splash of color to a room!

I hope everyone found the suggestions helpful. It surely makes a blah door room feel much more glamorous (not to mention homey!) when it's decorated with personal touches!

xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

Great tips!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the ideas <3

Exactly, it's great to see a model coming out from a smaller town, in the suburbs. Makes the idea a little closer to reach! Thanks for your comment. :)

Kathleen said...

I love the necklace bulletin board, so cute. What I did back in college for my earings was take the back out of a frame and glue-gun metal netting to it. Voila! Instant framed earing art.

kokostiletto said...

these are awesome! i wish i was a college student so i could show off my dorm! but i am going to use your tips for my apartment!

coco said...

It's strange how you aren't aloud to paint the walls in dorms. It makes them so boring.

Life's short. Type fast. said...

The letter idea is brilliant! i'm going back to college in 3 weeks and I'm going to use that idea in my dorm!

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Odessa said...

Love love love! <3 A girl's dorm would be nicer if you design it by yourself. It will look more you, and you'll have a more comfortable stay. DIY decor ideas are also a lot better because it's cheaper and it will bring out your personal touch in a room.

Anonymous said...


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Decorating your dorm with your friends is so much fun.

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