Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashion Magazines go Digital


As if i don't subscribe to enough paper fashion magazines (literally fifteen), lately i've been loving online independent fashion publications. It's a great way to take part in the "green movement" (no paper or postage) and they're usually free. Here's a sampling of some of my favorites:

Rive Magazine: Their motto is "fashion is fashion" and the magazine is highly supportive of self-expression. I love all the wild colorful editorials and articles about such a wide range of styles.

Prim Magazine: It's written by a young fashion blogger with mad graphic design/html skills. It's pretty inspiring to see such professional work created by someone close to me in age.

N.E.E.T.: It's been around a lot longer than most online magazines and is chock full of indie goodness. It's like stumbling upon a really well dressed friends closet (links to all the shops included)

Iconique Magazine: This mag will keep you in the know with emerging designers, models, and illustrators. A great resource for discovering new and exciting talent.

Many traditionally paper magazines have also joined in on this trend and started offering online subscriptions to their readers as an "earth-friendly" alternative. The internet seems to be quickly becoming the future of fashion journalism.

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the magazines! I only subscribe to two (Lucky, InStyle). They feed my desire to shop, so I try to keep the magazine viewing to a minimum, ya know.

Anonymous said...

and there is also FRINGE MAGAZINE coming up:

Susie Bubble said...

Thanks for the heads up...and to anon about fringe magazine!

lisa said...

I already knew about Rive (their PR person sent me an email), but not the other ones. Great post! I'll be sure to check them out the next time I'm bored and surfing the Internet.

Jillian said...

I love this trend- it's so much cheaper and better for the environment. You can also do a lot more in terms of adding music and video. Good finds too- thanks.

punky said...

Do you read missbehave? Its one of my faves.

kokostiletto said...

this is very interesting... yeah I want to go green too but sometimes i love just carrying a mag around in my purse and pulling it out if i need to on the bus..

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