Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some Words of WIsdom


Despite the economic recession there is no shortage of fashion related reality shows. It all started with Project Runway which is back for its 5th season. Now we have Glam God where contestants compete to be celebrity stylists and the CW's Stylista- a competition for an ELLE editorial job. Stylist Rachel Zoe has a new Bravo show premiering soon about her whirlwind lifestyle. My weekly tv viewing schedule is filling up quickly!

xoxo, lauren


budget chic said...

I really wish that style network would bring about the runway shows. They use to air all the designers collections and I hate that network is totally overrun with "reality" shows. It use to be more about fashion now its more like the Lifetime channel. We need a fashion TV network!

Chelsea Rae said...

I sort of unsure about all of these new fashion shows. It's going to make people think that being in the fashion industry is easy, but it really isn't. The industry is already becoming diluted with all these "celebrity designers" and now everyone's going to think that because they can dress themselves they can dress others or work for a fashion magazine or something along those lines.

On the other hand, the shows might be really, really funny!


I think there are advantages and also disadvantages to these reality fashion shows.It does make fun viewing though!
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