Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SS09 Make-Up DIY & ADesign Brush Giveaway!

Congrats to My Polychrome Life, winner of the Stella Accessories Contest!


One of the things I love about fashion week is all the beautiful make-up on the models at the shows. The clothes may be the centerpiece, but the make-up artistry is the necesary finishing touch for the look. Diane von Furstenburg & Erin Fetherston were two of my favorite looks, both incredibly wearable off the runway as well.

ADesign has offered to giveaway 3 of their make-up brushes for my readers; so gear up for another give-away! These are the brushes up for grabs:

The unique design and tip of this concealer brush will create a streak free and natural looking cover up. Work your pointed concealer brush gently along the lash line, working your way to the tear duct to achieve a flawless eye touch up

A precise angle to fit the curve and natural shape of your lids. Great for applying a base or all over highlighter.

The unique tip of this brush will give you an extra edge when defining your eyes. The pointed tip will create depth in the crease area. Also use this brush as a blender to soften shadows together.

What's your essential beauty product?

Leave your answer in the comments to win one of ADesign's cosmetic brushes!


Lindsay said...

hmm it's hard to choose just one..I'd have to go with mascara!

Nina said...

a good night's sleep. oh, and nivea creme.

Secretista said...

DUDE! When are you coming to NY? May be we can meet up and eat cupcakes together! My favorite is Crumbs Bakeshop, but Billy's Bakery in Chelsea is great!

Kelynn said...

Mine would have to be Smashbox O Gloss, it makes my lips the perfect color of soft pink. I love using it when I have no time for other makeup ♥

Kira Fashion said...

those girls and make-up are fabulous!

a kiss!!

Danz said...

My essential beauty product is definitely chapstick. It's not the most glamourous product but it does the job so well - I never leave home without it!

ellief said...

Definitely concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes!

sydneydoll said...

make up is fun.

MizzJ said...

Hmm definitely lip balm and an eyelash curler.

Bostonista said...

Benefit's That Gal Brightening facial primer and highlighter. It makes me all glowy :)

Diana Coronado said...

Smokey eyes the best election

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