Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tricky Trends: Fall 2008


Fall 2008 is full of hard to pull off trends. Love them or hate them they're all over stores for fall. Before you decide it's not for you here are some tips for wearing these tricky fall trends. I'll offer a difficulty factor (on a scale of 1-4) and how you can rock these seemingly impossible looks.

1. Leather/Latex Leggings

Difficulty Factor: 4

How To Rock Them: While celebrities are often seen sporting these with tiny tees and stiletto heels this look might not be the most practical for us mere mortals. I reccommend a longer, somewhat baggy rocker/vintage tee or a short sassy dress.

2. Statement Necklaces

Difficulty Factor: 1

How to Rock Them: Bold jewelry is a great way to amp up a boring outfit. Pair with a simple solid colored v-neck tee and jeans to ease into this trend. For a bolder look wear with a jewel toned scoop neck dress.

3. Baggy Boyfriend Jeans

Difficulty Factor: 3

How to Rock Them: Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been wearing these around Hollywood alot lately. Take cues from them and pair with a slimmer shirt on top for balance. The best part of these is that you can usually find a pair lingering in your dad or boyfriend's closet!

4. Sheer Blouses

Difficulty Factor: 2

How to Rock Them: This is one of those looks that seems much harder to wear than it actually is. To keep from looking too scandalous make sure to wear a camisole or lightweight tee underneath in a similar color.

xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

Great tips! I'm looking forward to trying the sheer blouse look; for my style, it seems to be the most wearable trend.


fab tips dear! love how you tackled each tricky trend.You know the joy about trends is having fun with them and wearing them uniquely.
kisses hun,

Candice said...

LOVE my leather leggings from aa
They DO go best with rocker tees (well my jobro concert tee) and moccasin boots

LML said...

i def want to attempt wearing the bf jeans!

CoutureCarrie said...

Hey Lauren,
I am with you on all but the leather leggings - when worn as tights rather than pants I think they are pretty fashion friendly :)


atelier said...

funny tips! I love baggy boyfriend jeans, but I hate the idea of leather pants...

J said...

not a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans but it is true, you can just grab a pair out of your boyfriend or brother's closet if you just want to try it! statement necklaces are def a do-able trend this season, i'm loving the layered necklace looks.

Budget Chic said...

Those latex legging are hot but I'm too old to go there. I can however rock the boyfriend jeans. *wink*

susie_bubble said...

I think all of them are quite wearable ... more of a matter of buying the right pieces in said trends...

Jenny H. said...

statement jewelry is pretty much what i live in anyways. so im glad thats a trend :)

and love the baggy boyfriend jeans.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Love this post, I just did a post on latex leggings, I'm SO tempted to buy them!

kokostiletto said...

statement jewelry??? i love ittt!!!!

this is my fave statement necklace from banana republic:

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