Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fashion Industry Does Halloween


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If there's one thing I love about the fashion world is that when it comes to costume parties they refuse to do things halfway. Allison Sarofim, a social fixture of New York known for her lavish parties throws an annual themed halloween bash each year for fellow fashion lovers and fabulous people in the area.

This year's theme was "Anime" and look how amazing and right on cue everyone's costumes were. I think i need to make it one of my life goals to attend one of her parties! How fun would it be to dress up for one? I think it's a common bond shared between fashionistas that we love Halloween because it's just another excuse to play dress up (as if we needed an excuse?)!

I dressed up as Rachel Zoe for my college fashion club's Halloween party complete with overly bronzed skin, starbucks tote & signature fur. I threw in lots of "I die" 's for good measure.

Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressing up as?

xoxo, lauren


Nina (femme rationale) said...

LOL that's such a good idea for a costume! u got it right...down to the starbucks cup!

budget chic said...

Nice costume! If its cold outside tomorrow don't forget the leopard coat! :-)

Hot Bot said...

Now Zoe would only drink a venti S-Bucks ;)

Haha, great costume.
I'm going as Lil Mama. I can't wait!

Maya said...

Minnie mouse here....not too out there, but it will be fun for me since I don't ever dress up. I'm just taking baby steps... I love the pictures

Bostonista said...

you are so cute as Rachel Zoe!
I am being a cigarette girl for the party I'm going to tomorrow night!
And I love the starbucks cup! that is always key in so many fashion costumes!

LML said...

SUCH a GREAT IDEA! you look legit!

im gonna be amy winehouse.... and maybe marykate olsen for next year! how fun would that be?!?

Joey said...

Chuck Bass!

It's impossible to find red guy pants in Tallahassee.

Kat said...

that was a brilliant idea - rachel zoe! love it!
i went as debbie harry but got my sequined beret stolen!

Couture Carrie said...

Your Zoe costume is AWEsome, and I love the collage!
I was Sarah Palin . . .


Joey said...

Chuck Bass lives:

I agree, I think our fields are very similar. Creative, lots of people wanting to do it, hard much longer do you have at FSU?

kokostiletto said...

wow you totally look like rachel zoe there! hahaha that woman's hello kitty costume is so cute!!

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