Thursday, October 2, 2008

Steal Their Style: The 90210 Girls

90210: The New Generation has become one of my weekly tv watching guilty pleasures. As much as I feel dumb tuning in each week, I can't help but check it out! Yes, the actresses in no way, shape, or form pass for teenagers, but at least they dress cute.

The style is no match to Gossip Girl's, but it's very fun, L.A., and achievable to recreate. My personal favorite is Silver, but all the girls have a pretty fun personal style.

Have you fallen under the 90210 spell too?
[For my international readers, if you're curious you can watch it online!]




xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

Hmm the 90210 girls look great, but to me GG is better. The clothes on GG just stand out more.

budget chic said...

I love the f21 cuff, I need to look for that one in the stores and I'm digging the belt and the Vince Camuto ankle boots.

Mimi said...

We don't have 90210 here but you picked great items.the boots in the first collage are awesome.

Taghrid said...

silver is he best dressed on the show!

Nina said...

i have yet to watch this show. i dunno...i grew up w.the original so that one is always near and dear to my heart. i'm sure i'll break down one night and watch an episode.

S.Elisabeth said...

Haha it has become one of my guilty pleasures, and right after that is Priveleged. Haha, so I'm covered from NYC (GG) to Beverly Hills to Palm Beach.
I love Annie's style the most since it's become so..."Grannyish" but not for grandma (the right word is evading me at the moment). I love those Michael Kors shoes in her box.

Couture Carrie said...

Love the new 90210!
Great collages, esp. Silver!


Letitia said...

hey girly,
i havent been to your blog in a while! member when I interviewed you for the bloscars award on my old blog the l report? haha, you would be such a cool intern for my magazine..i love this post...looks for less are great :)
keep up the good work!

Trendology said...

I've been kind of disappointed by the fashion on 90210 but I guess it's more realistic than GG - and those are great finds.

kokostiletto said...

yes i agree the 90210 clothing is great- but nothing compared to our new yorkers on GG. it's the whole west coast/east coast thing.. i like naomi the best. maybe if Silver stopped being ANOREXIC i'd like her more

Ana said...

YES. Not so much for the fashion , just the show.

coco said...

I started watch it online and I really liked it. The styling is pretty cool.

miecky said...

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