Saturday, November 1, 2008

PeaceLove&Stella Accessories

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! I had fun dressing as "the fashion police" one night & a hippie for another halloween party out of clothes I had hanging in my closet!

Last night I wore my braided leather hair wrap from Stella Accessories and got lots of compliments on it. I also broke out my favorite pair of vintage suede knee high boots. It pretty much was a more flamboyant version of the usual way I dress.

I just wanted to share some awesome news with you about Stella Accessories. Since I last featured them in a blog post their business has grown tremendously.

The girls are participating in a trunk show at HENRI BENDELS!! This is so huge, and an awesome opportunity. I'm so happy for them!
Come out and show some support & buy their one of a kind hair accessories, they have some absolutely gorgeous new specialty pieces.

Here are the details:
Where: Henri Bendels's in NYC
When: Dec. 11th (10-8) and Dec. 14th (10-8)


Peace & Love my Fashionable Friends & Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!!

xoxo, lauren


S.Elisabeth said...

I want those sunglasses, where on earth did you get them?! I love that halloween outfit, btw.

Maya said...

SOOO cute!

lisa said...

Nice costume, and that's great news about Stella Accessories!

LML said...

i love this costume! the heart glasses are great!

susie_bubble said...

You look brilliant!

kokostiletto said...

first off your costume looks great!! love the boots! congrats on the news re: stellas!

Secretista said...

Fabulousss! You're toooo cute--I was looking at the Facebook pics!

budget chic said...

You look so cute, I love it. Looks like everything fits your personality!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

OMG, you look so pretty! you can wear this any day. you pull off the hippie/boho look beautifully. hands down, 10x better than my hippie look. :)

MizzJ said...

Cool halloween outfit! Wow those glasses take me back, I owned a pair of those when I was 6 haha.

yiqin; said...

I want heart sunglasses too!!!!!!! Lucky you!

ed said...








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