Monday, December 15, 2008

Buy Handmade: Part II


Last year I took the "Buy Handmade Pledge" & had so much fun picking out individual & personalized gifts for each person on my list and support independent crafters. This year, I've been inspired and I'm making my gifts for all of my friends. I think it means a lot to receive a gift that someone made & you can't buy in stores. is the biggest resource for locating unique handmade gifts. These were just a few items that caught my eye, but I've literally spent hours on the site before oogling over the talent of everyone on the site! If you're up for saving some dough there are great DIY sites like DIYStyle &

Is anyone else making their own gifts this year?

xoxo, lauren


LML said...

i usually do make my own gifts every year for christmas and birthdays, but this year i went the store route, due to my lack of craft space in my dorm lol!

Summershoegal said...

I made Shredded tees for my girls this year!
I usually give away at least one self made item every year but this year I have extra time on my hand so its more self made less bought!

lisa said...

I'm not making gifts for anyone because of lack of time, but if I ever do find some time I'd love to knit a headband for myself.

ClandestineChic said...

I've been contemplating buying that print from JKL design for months now!

I'm not going to make my own Christmas presents this year because I just don't have the time, but I would like to buy handmade.

Allison said...

I am making blankets for my mom and dad on top of buying a few other things for them.
It's super easy and really fun!
I'm also knitting scarves for my aunts and uncles.

Oh, and I completely know what you mean about coming home from college and feeling a disconnect with the people you used to be really tight with. I think that's definitely the hardest part about going off to school!!

Nathalia said...

This year I'm going to do my own gifts! I hope my grandparents will be happy at least...
The thing is that it's one week until christmaseve and I don't really know what to do..
Love your blog:)

kokostiletto said...

i love etsy :) i am making my own cards !

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