Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Already Dreaming of Spring Break..


As a Florida girl, I have a healthy appreciation for warm weather, beaches, and the flip flops that accompany those things! I'm already dreaming of Spring Break and picking out bikinis online!

When I went to South Beach over the summer to volunteer at Miami Swim Fashion Week everyone seemed to live in their trusty Havaianas. I even saw the woman entrepreneur who first brought them to the U.S. while I was working backstage at a show for a Brazillian designer.

The brand has come a long way from their original flip flop design. The peacock pair offers some flashiness, the gold fit style creates a dressier look, and there's even a pair of glow in the dark for going out at night. At less than $20 bucks a pair, I'm adding them to my Spring Break wish list.. along with toned abs & a nice bronze tan! Only a couple months to go..

xoxo, lauren


Secretista said...

Of course you'd love these you Florida gal.

LML said...

those ones that wrap around the heel are really cool looking and look comforatble!! i will have to check these out when the weather gets warmer!

MizzJ said...

Wow so cheap! Havaianas here are a lot more.. darn price gouging.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i have yet to own a pair but i hear they are the most comfortable flip flops! you must get a pair and report back. ;)

S.Elisabeth said...

Haha, I'm actually drifting away from flip-flops and more towards sandals (I like the pair in the picture!)
Though I won't be in Florida or any beaches for Spring Break, and I definitely won't be working for Miami Swim Fashion Week. Haha


Anonymous said...

i totally miss summer :( thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!

La C.

Lindsay said...

I love these too! ps I left you a little award on my blog!

yiqin; said...

Everybody wears these in Singaproe too! But I am not really into flip flops though

Milly said...

love them...i buy 3 pairs every other summer

alexa said...

i live by havaianas, i have like 12 pairs! Totally worth the price and what's great is sometimes you find them on sale for like $7.

Iris said...

I have two pairs, they are very comfortable and really handy in summer (in Florida always I guess) ^^

Anonymous said...

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