Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ten Things!


10 things I Love

1. Scouring vintage and thrift stores for hidden treasures

2. Starbucks' Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (w/ a shot of espresso!)

3. Taking spontaneous road trips

4. Surfing & being at the beach in general

5. When my friends let me style them

6. Line Dancing, one of my guilty pleasures.

7. Hawaii, my favorite place on earth.

8. Wearing high heels, especially the ones that people make you say "how can you wear those??!"

9. Watching my college team play football

10. My little yellow ford ranger truck

10 things I Hate

1. Having my heart broken.

2. Not succeeding

3. Techno music

4. Peas

5. Waiting in lines


7. People that don't think I'm capable of something because I'm only 19.

8. Jerks

9. When something goes on sale right after you buy it.

10. That the economy is doing so poorly right now

10 Random Facts about Me

1. I'm studying abroad this summer in London, Paris, and Milan and I CAN'T wait!

2. My living room is painted lime green, per my suggestion

3. I love a night of movies & apples to apples as much as going out

4. I just learned how to cook this year & I've mastered mac & cheese, lasagna, cheeseburgers, and chicken salad!

5. I spend an obscene amount on lattes yet I'm hesitant to splurge on other things.

6. I would travel the world if I had the funds & someone to accompany me.

7. I should have lived in the 80's! I love the movies, music, and clothes of the decade.

8. I thrive on throwing themed parties-- I even planned Homecoming my senior year.

9. Every Monday night I get together with my girlfriends to watch Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and the City and gossip.

10. I'm attending Miami Fashion Week in March as a member of the press, it's going to be an amazing opportunity!

Whoever would like to participate feel free to tag yourself & let me know you're doing so so I can check out your answers!

xoxo, lauren


K.B. said...

I was in HEAVEN the first time I had a Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate! Devine!

LML said...

sounds like the next few months are going to be really exciting for you!!

i have the same routine for the monday "triathalon of TV" hehe and of course i love themed parties and movie nights ;)

i need to try that starbucks drink - it sounds delish!

my best friend and i were co-captains of my dance team at my school! i miss it a lot too
:( the one here just isnt the same...

Anonymous said...

fashiion week will be amazing

MizzJ said...

Salted hot chocolate? Interesting! Great lists :)

lisa said...

OMG salted hot chocolate sounds right up my alley. And studying abroad in 3 global fashion capitals?! Lucky you! It'll be amazing. :)

strikeapose said...

I detest crocs as well. OHH your studying abroad? So am i. What universities in Paris/London?

Rachelle said...

I'm also part of the Croc haters!
I can't stand it when people say "but they're comfy!" Ewww x 100!
I also watch Gossip Girl, OTH but I don't watch the City live...I prefer watching True Beauty on ABC :)
I need my 3 hours of TV on Monday evenings, relaxing and mind-changing!


Sherin said...

Yup, I hate crocs too. Ooo, you're coming to London over the summer: there are some amazing vintage shops here, you'll love them.

Anonymous said...

Crocs should be number one on the "hate" list, personally. Having your heart broken is an unfortunate event, but the male race isn't worth the tears.

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