Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Colorful Crochet


I fell in love with this look on's Rio Street Style photo collection. The black crochet dress reminds me of the beach or an exotice locale.This is a bohemian, versatile style that you could change up by switching the color of the dress underneath. The bright color plays peek-a-boo from under the crochet.

Although, I think I'd probably pair the look with a jeweled sandal or gladiators instead of ankle boots for more of a "Spring Break friendly" look. The braids go perfectly with this laid-back look. The dress could even be worn as a simple cover-up with a bathing suit underneath for a low-maintenance yet stylish option.

Ah, Spring Break.. only a month and a half away..!

xoxo, lauren


AudreyAllure said...

haha i did go to teen vogue fashion u =]
although, i can't seem to find you on my facebook - well mine is under Audrey Ong (LIM network)

lol well that's cool that we're blog buddies as well. haha i "followed" your blog. lol

Lindsay said...

her look is so the braids too!

Angela said...

i love crochet dresses, you can do so much with them :)

strikeapose said...

Yeah, good call, I'd definitely use gladiators instead.

LML said...

thats a new cool idea!

Rosanna said...

i recently found my moms old crochet dress! i love it!


lisa said...

Nice styling idea! I love how Latin women can look so chic in warm weather.

Molly Gray // Flavia M. said...

So cool!, i dig the american apparel one, simple but yet chic!

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