Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fashion= The Only Love of my Life

So, I spent my Valentine's Day afternoon going to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with one of my girlfriends. I thought it was really cute anddd perfectly appropriate since there is no guy in my life, and fashion is my only love. Maybe that sounds depressing, but it's okay with me. Guys may come and go, but channeling my frustration over them through my appreciation for fashion has helped me through a lot.. (ever heard of retail therapy?).

Patricia Fields is an amazing costume designer, all of the outfits in the movie make me want to go out in something comepletely over the top. These were a couple of the fun and outrageous outfits from the film:

Look at all of those shoes!
CRAZY bridesmaid dress!
No need for a necklace with this bejeweled blouse!
The muppetlike orange shrug is so crazy that I kind of like it.
What are everyone's Valentine's Day plans?
xoxo, lauren


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! I plan on spending the afternoon in my pajamas reading. I know, I know, not nearly as exciting as going out to a fancy restaurant, or seeing a good movie, but fun in its own right. :)

strikeapose said...

I'm headed out to see it right now! i cannot wait!

lisa said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I went to a boutique grand opening, got my bangs trimmed, and saw He's Just Not That Into You with MizzJ.

S.Elisabeth said...

haha I'm seeing this tomorrow. && I love Isla Fisher and Patricia Fields =)
Also did you ever read the books? Sophie Kinsella is comically amazing.

Secretista said...

Fashion really does equal my ultimate love. Something about styling an outfit together is so THRILLING!!!

Becky Cope said...

your valentines day sounds perfect. i spent mine enamoured with fashion too, doing a photo shoot at uni - ive put a few pics up, let me know what u think! xxx

yiqin; said...

Even tho I love her. I am so scared she will ruin Becky's image in me.. :(

AudreyAllure said...

i'm hoping to see that movie soon. i actually just spent my valentine's day at fashion week haha

michelle said...

I adored the book series, but have been afraid to see the movie because it doesn't look like it does it justice. xD

LML said...

happy be-lated valentines day!

that movie sounds so true to my life lol! in many ways!

i spent the night with the single ladies and the single guys just chilling out! it was fun, i sort of forgot it was valentines day, which was sort of a good thing i guess ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay I was going to do a google to find out if Patricia Fields was the costume designer for the Movie since I was feeling her vibe in the money with those crazy over the top combinations that I love from her. I adore Patricia Fields!

Anna said...

I'm dying to see this movie! So excited to see all the clothes :)

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