Friday, March 27, 2009

Miami Fashion Week: Part III


Former Miss Ecuador, Gabriela Candena had one of my favorite collections in the bunch. From the silver splattered yellow shorts, to the sweetheart necklines and slouchy slacks, I adored all the pieces in the show. The show displayed elements of metallic mixed with colored silk separates in royal blue, golden yellow, and coral. The shapes were figure flattering and contained strategic pleats and peek-a-boo lace. Other pieces in the collection contained large sequined looks and high waisted shorts and glittery fabrics. It was colorful glamour at its best.


Belkola is designed by Dominican Republic native who specializes in pret-a-porter, lingerie, and couture. The collection took my award for cutest accessories! The exposed zipper motif was visible throughout the line from the provcoative back of the dresses to the rosette hair pins and satchels. The white curly haired wigs reminded me of Juicy Couture advertisements and matched the punky but girly aesthetic. "Heavy metal" was essential to each of the looks; draped chains, gunmetal colored silk and cage skirts. This gave the collection a futuristic feel.

I have one final installment of my Miami fashion week runway reports coming up on Monday! I'll be in Atlanta all weekend visiting Americasmart, the apparel marketplace, with my Collegiate Merchandising Association. I'll be back next week with pictures & stories from my adventures!


xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

I love the dress in the middle of the Belkola collage! It's very much in line with the bondage dressing trend but kind of demure at the same time.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love those yellow shorts.

S.Elisabeth said...

ahh! I love belkola!!

LML said...

i love the wigs - so MARIE anoitnette :)

have fun in ATL! my hometown!

F Blog said...

I'm loving Belkola!

young girl...louis vuitton said...

ok, I'm officially drooling over Gabriella Candena's line. The colors are beautiful, and I'm obsessed with those yellow shorts. I can't wait for it to officially be spring so that I can buy a ton of marigold clothes! Check out my blog!

Marian said...

loving the wiggies! so decadent!just to let you know,my blog link has changed. I can now be found at and my blog name is Marian Kihogo

MizzJ said...

The Belkola designs are so edgy and sexy! That bondage dress is very hot and doll-like - well perhaps if your doll was a Parisian burlesque dancer ;)

Gloria C. said...

I love that you're covering these!
Noticed that you loved Dali's rose painting, have you ever visited the Dali Museum down in St. Pete?

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