Monday, April 27, 2009

Finals Week= Procrastination

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Despite having an exam in approximately 7 hours, I can't stop watching all the great video clips at Modelinia. I feel like I'm the last to find out about this site, but it really does give a nice insider's view of the modeling world. Don't we all want a tour of their fantastic closets? (btw.. Who knew there was such thing as a cashmere onesie?) As if we needed another reason to be jealous of them! :)

So, I apologize in advance and hope I don't deter too many faithful studiers, but be warned; it's hard to quit watching! Good luck on the last couple weeks of school my college student readers!

xoxo, lauren


Sherin said...

Her vests are gorgeous. I understand about procrastination. I had an exam today and spent last night on youtube. Good luck with your exam.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I am not normally a procrastinator; but lately I notice that whenever exams come up (I just took midterms last week), I want to slack off and refrain from so much as cracking a book open. Sad, but true. These video clips are certainly not going to help heal my problem; simply fuel the fire!

Kira Fashion said...

I do love her vest collection!!!
She has a great closet!!!


Kisses and kisses!!


PS - Thanks a LOT for sharing this...I didn't see before...

Secretista said...

You know how much I love procrastination. =]

Kayla Bon said...

Good luck to you, too! Although I suppose that's a little belated (I only go on Bloglovin once in a while nowadays!) I hope all went well :D

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