Friday, April 17, 2009

Pure Bliss


While at Miami Fashion Week I stumbled upon a lot of jewelery & accessory lines, but BettyLou Jewels was my favorite. I just wanted to highlight their adorable pieces! I'm partial to hearts so I'm a little bit in love with this pendant from their Bliss collection. They also come in several shapes and colors and the Spirit collection includes astrology signs & other symbols.

I love that they're trendy and youthful yet high end, (that's a balance that's truly difficult to achieve). The necklaces are made with enamel, sterling silver, and diamonds, so they really sparkle in person. I like that they've found their niche for stylish girls who don't want to rock the jewels their mom is wearing yet want something nicer than costume jewelry.

Noah, the jeweler & owner was kind enough to offer a discount code for La Petite Fashionista readers for 10% off (BLJ01).

xoxo, lauren


Cafe Fashionista said...

As if the sparkly baubles weren't enough to pique my interest, the name (BettyLou Jewels) is. So cute!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh those are so pretty! Hmm... gr darn bank account

Enep said...

pretty cute! :--D


Chickygirl said...

Thanks!! Okej but are you still having one of bloggers on templates or what? I'm going to ad you on the google follow do it you to if you want!

Have a nice day!

Chickygirl said...

haha sorry I saw that you already did that=) hihi!!

AudreyAllure said...

very cool. definitely going to check it out (:

Kayla Bon said...

Hey! So budgeting for Europe...

I regret spending so much money on food! Really, I ate and drank out so much at the beginning of each semester when I should have just saved by buying groceries and cooking at home, and limiting how much I went out.

And I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but don't shop at the cheap clothing stores! I cannot tell you how many of my roommates shopped (and still shop there regularly) and how much of their stuff becomes junk and falls apart. Waste of money! Save up for a much better purchase at an indigenous store or boutique if you have to.

:D If you have anymore questions, let me know. You are going to LOVE Paris!

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