Friday, May 1, 2009

Product Review Caress: Evenly Gorgeous

Hallelujah, i'm done with finals and currently spending a relaxing but action packed weekend in my hometown. Thus, if i'm a bit behind on my blogging, I apologize. I'll be back in full swing for summer on Monday! Good luck to everyone still taking them!

The kind people at Caress sent me a sample of their new Evenly Gorgeous exfoliating body wash . I was happily surprised when I received it, as it looked and smelled much better than a typical drug store brand. I love the new fashionable redesign at a super affordable price, and couldn't stop opening the bottle to get a whiff of the yummy burnt brown sugar scent.

As a Floridian it's a constant battle to maintain a dark summer tan (trust me, it sounds crazy but it gets competitive between the girls!). My dad has shoved the importance of sunscreen down my throat since I was little kid, so whenever I can use self-tanner for a summer glow I do. The body wash was the perfect pre faux tan prep. The exfoliator smooths away any dry skin and left it feeling silky. It was the perfect foundation for a great tan. I'd definitely reccommend it, especially for that purpose!

Plus, check out this cute video from Queer Eye's style guru, Carson Kressley!

xoxo, lauren


Cafe Fashionista said...

The new repackaging is breathtaking. It reminds me of silk and splendor. As for the perfect foundation for a great've sold me! :)

By the way, congrats on finishing Finals. My suggestion, sleep for three days to recover from test-taking!

P.C.T.V. said...

That would be perfect for me! I´m as pale as a ghost (seriously, I´m trapped in my home with this Influenza thing) ... I wish that magic product were sold here in Mexico :(. Oh! and congratulations on finishing finals too!! I agree with Cafe Fasionista, you should relax and sleep (:

Aisha said...

that's so cool you receive freebies :)

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