Thursday, May 7, 2009

Escape Artists: Traveling in Style


I'd hardly refer to myself as a "jetsetter" considering my travels are usually in coach not first class or on family vacations instead of carribean islands. But, I really love the term and the images of glamour and luxury it evokes! Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm anxiously counting down the days until I leave for my study abroad trip! (and saving up my paychecks for some international splurges!)

One of the most common issues people run into while traveling whether an experienced first class passenger or a first time flier is what to wear on board and in the airport. Comfort is key, although there are much more stylish options than sweats and a zip-up hoodie!

  • A lightweight sundress made out of jersey material will travel well & stay wrinkle free.
  • A cozy pair of flats in case you need to dash across the airport to make a connecting flight.
  • A sleeping mask comes in handy during daytime flights; a nap can help you adjust to time changes.
  • Scarves are great if the air conditioning on board is too high, or your hair gets flat and you need something to tie it back with.
  • Smith's rosebud salve is perfect for dry skin from traveling it can be used on everything from hands to lips!

What are your travel essentials?

xoxo, lauren


Nina (femme rationale) said...

jersey dresses are def. my go to for traveling. so comfy and versatile.

Leia said...

Some of my travel essentials:

Moisturizer - I always seem to get dry hands on the plane!
Cardigan - Especially if landing in Europe. You never know what the weather will be like when you get there!
Sunglasses - Just in case you arrive on a beautiful, sunny, 25 degree day
Shoes - must be easy to slip off so you can get cozy on the plane. And yes, they must be flat! Lots of walking in airports.
Book/magazine/iPod - something to keep you entertained

Happy travels, Lauren! When do you leave?

Carlotta said...

I agree with jersey dress and flats!! I can't stand people that travel with high heels how they can't do it?!! so for me flats a cardi and a scarf, sometimes I carry with me a lightweight yoga pants and my beloved elizabeth arden 8 hours cream!

Sarahahaha said...

i love that scarf and the sleep mask! and $8 for the scarf is pretty sweet!

Lindsay said...

That eye mask is adorable..When I travel I have to take socks for the plane! It makes the trip so much better because the plane is usually freezing, plus my feet don't have to touch the yucky floor.

AudreyAllure said...

i'd bring a pillow because usually the ones they give you aren't comfortable or are too small. lol i also always bring some gum to chew. kinda helps preventing my ears from popping lol.

The Haute-Shopper said...

I agree with everything you posted. Love the collage! I'd also recommend thick socks or slippers to change into once you're on the plane (you really don't want to walk around barefoot, especially when going to the toilet.. yuck). I'd also pack earplugs or an iPod in case there's a screaming child on board. I tend to bring my inflatable neck pillow, but that's up to the individual person I guess.

Have fun on your study abroad trip! If you need any advice on Paris or London, let me know!

Cafe Fashionista said...

My travel essentials include:

-Boyfriend Cardigans - If you don't have a blanket it's always nice to curl up in one.
-Cardy Boots - Warm and comfy. The shoe equivalent of slippers.
-A loose-knit beanie - for bad hair moments.
-A great book - self-explanatory.

Couture Carrie said...

Fab post! I totally love that sleeping mask!


LML said...

no matter how many times i fly - i always forget to NOT wear strappy sandale - such a hassle to take off in security check. but yes i always wear a comfyknit dress :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Oh have fun on your trip! Hmm when I traveled I wore a dress & flats one way, flats, capris, & a comfy top on the other way. Just remember to pack an extra outfit in your carry on and drinks lots of water when the ladies bring it around. (PS I was on Lufthansa, so if you get that you get chocolate =)!)

the bella and the beat said...

Good call on the Rosebud Salve, I don't go anywhere without that stuff.

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