Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fashion Bailout

The May issue of Vogue Italia couldn't be more timely with it's recession themed editorial "Fashion Bailout" shot by Steven Meisel & inspired by thrift stores and it's vintage looking "survival guide" cover. One positive spin on a weak economy is that it forces people to get creative whether it's huge businesses like the magazine industry to individuals like ourselves with our wardrobes. I personally am a huge thrift store addict so this editorial reminds me of my dress up ventures.




How do you find yourself dealing with the recession when it comes to fashion?
Have you started shopping at stores you had never considered before, begun combing the sales racks, or practiced a ban on shopping altogether?

xoxo, lauren


copperoranges said...

"recessionista" articles bother me greatly, but that may be because most of the "tips" in the magazines i have been employing for years! and now there's more competition at the thrift stores, lol.

Carlotta said...

the "funny" side of the recession here in italy is that most of fashion magazines give you advices on how spending less featuring LV sandals or Prada clutch??? quite embareassing!!My shopping style hasn't changes a lot, I still shop at HM Zara or department stores but not every weekend and I but only if I really want something.

Triufelis said...

• I shop less
• when shopping, I do it at trift stores and outlet stores, no more ZaraMangoetc
• I buy more accessories and less clothes. accessories are cheaper and they make same outfit new.
That's my reccesion plan for now ;)

Sarahahaha said...

I hardly ever shop anymore ): I've started making my own clothes though, which is a good thing probably. Forces me to practice sewing and get creative! I make purses and clutches and wallets and jewelry too. But shoes are one thing I don't know how to make, and honestly don't want to learn how to make because I'd hate if they lost their magic for me.

Cafe Fashionista said...

In dealing with the recession, wWhen it comes to fashion I've been spending more money on basics - solid color tees that can be paired with colorful accessories. They're affordable and completely comfortable. Plus, depending on what accessories you pair with them, it often looks like an entirely different outfit with each wear! :)

AudreyAllure said...

that's beautiful fashion spread.

and i actually haven't done anything different. i still splurge when i want to. the recession hasn't affected me in terms of fashion. i did stop going out to eat less often though lol

Anonymous said...

I agree with copperoranges, I've been doing all of the "recessionista" tips since forever! they really should make a new name for us, maybe "I-live-on-a-shoestring-budgetista"? hmmm... doesn't quite have the same ring, but as unfortunate as the recession is I'm glad that people are jumping on the quality over quantity bandwagon and becoming less of a consumer society. I think in the long run its better for us, and does force people to become more creative.

STEFANIE said...

I think I shop less with the recession, I would feel to guilty splurging :p

eleni said...

honestly, the recession hasn't effected me at all... i've always been a cheap shopper though- waiting for the sales, saving up a looong time for luxury items..
i used to be a reaaaaly bad impulse buyer but i've found lately i've gained some self control.. i think it just has to do with growing up haha not quite the recession :P

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog today(haha, I think I might a little late :P)
and I've already got it bookmarked. (: I love it! :]

Anyway, the recession hasn't really gotten me to "stop shopping"
but I do try to shop at less expensive stores... but one of my favorites is Nordstrom's Rack because you can still get some pretty decent designer clothes there with a smaller price tag. :]

Last time I was there, I spent about $200 on all these pair of jeans, tops, and shoes to last me the whole season of spring maybe. :]

F Blog said...

This is a great editorial! And I love thrift shopping!

Cassiopeia said...

that was an immense editorial... thanks for posting the pics! :-D


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