Sunday, June 14, 2009

80's for the Ladies


One of my favorite current trends is neon brights. They add a splash of instant summer and 80's optimism to any outfit. Colored accessories or even a coat of nail polish is an easy way to test out the trend. The acid wash look is not for the faint hearted, but is definitely do-able [See Rumi @ Fashion Toast for inspiration]. Slip them on and feel like you've stepped back in time to the front row of a '87 Def Leppard Concert.


Vogue UK 80's Inspired Editorial

A college bar my friends and I got to alot hosts an 80's music night every Friday. It's impossible to not dance the evening away when songs like "Don't Stop Believin" are blasting on the loud speaker. I love eighties tunes, you just can't help but be happy and dance when you're listening!

My Rad 80's Playlist

  1. Paradise City- Guns N' Roses
  2. Into the Groove- Madonna
  3. Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard
  4. More Than A Feelin'-Boston
  5. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
  6. Your Love- The Outfield
  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
  8. Beat It- Michael Jackson

What's your favorite 80's jam?

xoxo, lauren


Leia said...

I love 80s music! My mum was a total 80s gal, so I grew up listening to all her favorite tunes and dancing with her. I love Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Whitney Houston... the list goes on!

Anonymous said...

Great playlist, I'm an 80's reject, but if you're mega into the music, try Duran Duran, and a bit of David Bowie aswell. Magic.

Carlotta said...

love the new header!!
my 80's fav are rock hard rock like GnR BonJovi your playlist!

AudreyAllure said...

i love all types of 80s music, i can't choose which one is my favorite! haha

and i love the pink gloves in the picture; i would get those. and the bright yellow nailpolish haha

LML said...

ok i LOVE all the items you postes - neon acessories, acid washed jeans - and 80's music!

Eleh said...

i tend to avoid neon but now im attracted to it!

Penelope said...

Love those jeans! They're so fab; but hard to pull off! Love the flamingo tank you've picked! AND I LOVE YOUR PLAYLIST! Absolutely adore Guns and Roses and MJ!

lisa said...

Neon brights have really started to grow on me, but I'm still iffy on the acid wash denim. I think I'd rather wear my neon with grays or beiges. :)

Hmm favourite 80s jams...I like the cheesy movie soundtrack songs like "Footloose" and "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing.

Sherin said...

Great soundtrack. 'girls just wanna have fun'! I just remembered how great that song is.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Don't Be Borin' Vote for Lauren! Love that. Also love your 80s playlist. I don't believe that any 80s playlist is complete without a little Cyndi Lauper - especially Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

Can you style me in that outfit?
I simply.. love it, dear. :) Sensational.


WendyB said...

I was really foolish enough to think that acid-washed would never come back. ANYTHING can come back. What would I think such a silly thing?

ann said...

I love all those songs on your playlist!

Margaux. said...

I NEED to get my hands on neon nailpolish!

Tracey Ellle said...

love the jeans.. and neon

Keith said...

My teen years were during the 80's. I loved that era. Great tunes. I listened to everything back then from Bon Jovi to Tina Turner.

ChikitaRosemarie said...

gosh, i love everything bout 80s era. from the fashion, the people, to the music!!!
i'm a sucker for 80s music.. from disco, rock, to ballad, you name it!!! :D


Adela said...

LOOOVe the 2nd picture!

F Blog said...

I love the siwy jeans, and that is a sick playlist!! Beat It my MJ is one of my favs haha!

F Blog said...

i meant by MJ not my MJ haha!! x

deep_in_vogue said...

Love your playlist! I'm such an 80's fan myself..

Anonymous said...

when i think 80s, i cannot help but think of the cure, pretty in pink, nu wave, REM, Guns n roses, glam rock, metallica, metal heads, oh and tons and tons of glitter.

I LOVE THAT JOURNEY'S SONG!!! best song to blast out loud while driving down the freeway at 2 am

leila grace
the vain and the bored

budget chic said...

I like the shoes the girl is wearing with the destroyed acid wash skinnies.....I wonder where those are from

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