Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sample Sale in the City


While I'm waiting to leave for my study abroad session I get to live vicariously through all my friends exciting summer experiences. One of my friends is interning at the Scatola Showroom in New York City and let me know about the Vivienne Westwood Sample Sale she is helping to put together. If you're in NYC the next couple of days make sure to RSVP, it will definitely be worth checking out! [Edit: Also, Just found out that my friends from Stella Accessories will be there so you can check out their gorgeous hair accessories in person!]

scatola showroom

(the Scatola showroom, ahh this makes me anxious for future summer internships!)

xoxo, lauren


MICHELE3 said...

have a great time..your blog is fabulous..and since your alot younger than me I will live the fashion life thru your eyes...good luck

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, if only I were in New York right now, I would be lined up outside, awaiting the opening of the doors to this divine sample sale. But, alas, I'm at work. Maybe next time!

By the way, congrats on winning those leggings from Couture Carrie...what color did you choose? :)

LML said...

one of the reasons i wished i lived in NYC... sample sales!!

E said...

Don't torture me with this! I wish I could go!

OceanDreams said...

Wow, wish I could go! New York here I come!! ;)

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