Saturday, June 13, 2009

Slip Into Something More Comfortable

As much as I love a night out on the town dancing with my girls by the end of the night my feet are killingggg me. It's a problem that plagues girls everywhere. We want to look cute in our 4 inch stilettos, but face it as stylish as they are, they're not very practical.


That's why this is the most genius idea ever! Rollasole is setting up vending machines outside popular clubs in London stocked with adorable flats to slip in to at night's end. They cost 5-7 british pounds and come in silver, black,and gold.


I think I've just settled on a (practical) souvenir of my London trip! And anxiously await when someone in the U.S. wisens up and starts producing these!

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Would you ever wear vending machine ballet flats?
xoxo, lauren


Leia said...

What an amazing idea! Of course I would wear these!

Modaholica said...

That's brilliant...and they look super cute and comfy!

LML said...

that is truly genius!!! i think college campuses need them as well!

Sherin said...

OMG, brilliant idea. And the price isn't that bad either. Oh and you can actually buy them online and then just leave them in your bag.

Bryannah said...

I almost didn't believe you for a second.
The idea is too fabulous to even think! :]
My feet were killing me in my heels at a dance
last weekend, I was resisting the urge to just
rip off the shoes and dance barefoot.

I would totally buy a pair of stellar-ly, cute
black flats from the vending machine
anyday. (:


AudreyAllure said...

i totally would buy them if they were really cute. haha and i wish we had them here in the US. but i usually just bring my own flats and stick them in my bag. lol

aw shucks i didn't get to see any while i was in london. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm going to London too! Will definitely be keeping my eye out for one of these - what a fab idea!

Have fun on your trip, whenever you leave!

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is the most awesome idea on the planet! It reminds me of those vending machines that sell Apple iPod's.

Yes, I would most definitely contemplate buying ballerina flats from a vending machine - even if not for anything other than the sheer fun of it! :)

London Darling said...

These are brilliant!

Anonymous said...

LA needs to get on this idea pronto!
even tho i don't go clubbing in LA (slightly overrated), the country as a whole should follow london! oh them englanders, totallly brilliant

and thanks for the comment! seriously, i have like 10ish dresses from high school dances... i'm not joining a sorority anytime soon so these babies are staying in the closet for a while :(

leila grace
the vain and the bored

Samlita said...

After a night out on the town, I think any girl would wear these! Nothing is worse than having great shoes on and your feet swelling after dancing for hours on end. Then try climbing stairs...a true joke. If a clutch was bigger I would put flip flops in there. This a genius idea. Ballet flats are so comfortable.

Hannah said...

this is a brilliant idea. =D

however, i just reread your "7 things to know about me" article and i think you should totally update. i'd love to see how much you have changed since i started following your blog. =D

Julia said...

I think this is a cute idea but not a novel one. I've been stuffing my flats in my purse for a while now. I think the Rollasoles are chic but I wonder how much support they provide. They look a little thin.

Caity Cait said...

Those may be the cutest vending machines ever. I would totally wear those. Even if my feet didn't hurt.

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