Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I'm Wearing: Breezy Bohemian


I picked up this tie-dye top at an arts & crafts show a couple summers back while visiting my grandparents. It has a pretty crochet detail along the neckline & extremely blousy fit. Whenever I slip it on I feel as if I've been transported back to Woodstock and the Summer of Love. The boyfriend shorts are from Forever 21 and a bit baggy, thus super comfy. The beaded belt gives the outfit an extra touch of bohemian goodness.

It has not fully registered that I'm leaving for my trip in 11 DAYS! So much to do still. I think I better start planning out my outfits asap!

How's the milan/paris/london weather been, my international friends? Any advice on what to pack for six weeks?!

xoxo, lauren


Carlotta said...

you look GORGEOUS!!!love yellow it's great on summer gives energy and happiness!! well weather in milan is very hot during summer but during nights it could rain (just like tonight..) but it still very hot & sticky :(

Sherin said...

You look amazing.That shirt is really cool.
London has warmed up, althoough there have been thunderstorms. But apart from that its quite nice. I've been spending my lunch breaks in the park. Its been in the early 20's (degrees cel)

Frazoa, Filipa said...


Leah said...

youre going to have so much fun in europe!!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have every boyfriend piece known to man - jeans, t-shirts, cardigans... - but I'm lacking the trusty boyfriend short. These look adorable on you! :)

Secretista said...

Too cute!

WendyB said...

Great color!

Anonymous said...

I love the top here, such vivid colour, perfect for summer!
I'm staying Southeast of London right now, it's been low 20s, but not too much rain thusfar until tonight. Good luck packing!

Also, I tagged you for an award at my blog. Check it out!

La Couturier said...

Hellooooo beautiful :)

I love that top; the yellow is a fantastic shade on you!

La C.

Bryannah said...

Oh my God, I totally love the whole urban-boho style on you! :]

I am so in love with the belt! I totally need one. (:

You're going to Europe too?!?
So am I! :] I'm leaving on July 4th, only about two weeks away! (:
Have fun on your trip! (:


ChikitaRosemarie said...

gosh! i LOVE your top!!! you look so good in such color! :D

i was about to ask, but as i'm reading your post, i can tell that you're ok now (you were talking bout 'you being sick' on your last comment) :)

and europe is awesome!! ive been there before, and once's never enough.. enjoy your trip dear :)


budget chic said...

I love this look on you....so cute and beachy!

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