Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ciao from Milan!

Ciao from Milano!
I've officially started my trip! I'm in Milan and loving the Italian life! Today we visited the Olmetto silk textile factory in Como (who produces 90% of the world's silk) and saw it being woven and manufactured, then to a showroom where they work with clients as prestigous as Chanel and Gucci. They had an archive of thousands of gorgeous silk scarves! The city is so chic and I've had so much fun exploring Milan. The Duomo takes my breath away, the shopping is incredible, the food is to die for, and don't get me started on those Italian boys!
I could eat gelato every day..
the galleria

Milan, the fashion capital of the world!

cute boys on scooters!

beautiful Lake Como!

Keep checking back for more pictures & updates!

xoxo, Lauren


Little Red said...

You look gorgeous! And these photos are beautiful! It sounds like you're already having a lot of fun! The silk textile factory actually sounds really interesting. It's always cool to see the behind the scenes of how things are made.

S.Elisabeth said...

If you have the choice you HAVE to try lemon & vanilla gelato. It is seriously THE best combination in the entire world (If you go to Capri--which is in the exact opposite direction of Milan, when you first entire the main part of island, the stand there is the best in the world!).
And cute Italian boys -smiles dreamily- I hope you are having loads of fun!!

Kayla Bon said...

Aww exciting! Wish I could be back in Italy :) Have a good time!!!

Κακίστρω said...
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Κακίστρω said...

Oh Mama!
Milano is such a great place to be!
Have a great time and do a lot lot lot of shopping!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so glad you're having a good time; you look absolutely adorable. Oh, how I wish I were there eating gelato along the streets of Milan right along with you. Meet a cute boy on a scooter. Stat! :)

LML said...

ok so i am LOVING this post! Lake como - sooooo utterly beautiful and george clooney's home (tell him i say hi!), those italian boys are yummy... as is the gelato (which i think i ate once a day when i was there!)

Sherin said...

You look gorgeous. Glad you're enjoying Europe...and yes...Italian guys are HOT

Stefanie Grace said...

Photos are fabulous! I'm so glad you're having fun in Milan! I've never been to Italy... I think I need to book a flight!! x

zupu said...

I'm happy you had good time in Milan! I love this city so much and the sales have just started :)

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