Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Do you know which pub Prince Harry goes to?"

I've spent two days in London and I must say, I love this city. It's so nice to finally be settled in somewhere and not live out of a suitcase. We no longer have to cram everything we want to do and see into a couple of days. Our study center is prime real estate and very central to everything!


feeling quite british in my tartan skirt!

Our first day in London we had Matthew Jeatt, the director of Promostyl's U.K. branch give us a seminar on forecasting for Fall/Winter 2010. My plaid outfit actually fit right into one of his predictions . He forecasted some looks like gothic romance, ivy league, and even rockabilly. I always thing trend forecasters have the most AMAZING jobs. How wonderful would it be to dictate what the next big thing in fashion will be!


the tower bridge, framed by gloomy london skies

This trip has definitely been an experience to say the least. Traveling with 35 girls can be a bit stressful at times to say the least! It's definitely helped me to realize how lucky I am that I can fairly easily adapt to any situation I'm put in! I've definitely made some amazing friends along the way (who are just as obsessed with fashion as I am!)


a student sketching the elgin marbles @ the british museum

Today, we visited the British museum. I'm a huge archaeology buff so I really enjoyed it;Especially the exhibits on ancient Egypt and Greece. I also think it's wonderful that the museums are free of charge to the public! It's definitely a good motivation to go get cultured!


a window display at Topshop on Oxford St.

The shopping here is phenomenal! I've been doing so much, although regretably more window shopping than buying (darn that dollar to pound conversion). I fell in love with everything in Topshop! It was seriously, the most crazy packed store I've ever been to in my life. Everywhere you turned there was bargain hunting girls! I need to go back on a week day.. morning I suppose!

xoxo, lauren


Sherin said...

I love that horses head at the British Museum. I've taken the exact same picture. Yh, go shopping on a weekday, you'll notice a huge difference.
You look great. I love your outfit.

Leia said...

I love the British Museum! I go there every chance I get. The ancient history pieces are just breathtaking!

As for the TS on Ox St... it's always packed! I agree with Sherin, go on a weekday (morning - not lunch time!) and it might be better. Sherin and I went to university literally down the road from Topshop! Too many days were spent shopping after classes!

And I love your outfit. I don't think many people can pull tartan off, but you look fabulous!

Kb said...

Loving your European visits, I'm trying to sort out another visit to Paris next month. Glad you like London, would def agree the best time to go to Topshop is in the morning. There's also cool shops in Carnaby St and around Covent Garden, as well as Brick Lane which is slightly more chilled. Have fun!

Valerie Valentine said...

that outfit is adorable on you! hope you're having a great time :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your outfit is so undeniably sophisticated, flirty, and fun all at the same time. I'm so happy to hear that you're having the time of your life. I agree about trend forecasters...I don't believe there is a more thrilling job in life! :)

WendyB said...

Too bad I missed you in London!

zupu said...

I adore that skirt, you look very cute and sophisticated! You are doing a great trip, all the most important cities of fashion in Europe. Paris I love for so many things (beauty, culture, food..) but London is also just adorable. I miss scones and crumpets with tea, Harrods and Topshop!

LML said...

oh my gosh! i have missed so many lovely posts!!!

PARIS!!! the ceiling in lafeyette galleries = beyond gorgeous... and the blue sparking lights on the eiffel tower. oh lala!

london looks amazing as well - i really want to go there!

Little Red said...

Great photos! And I adore the skirt! It looks quite lovely on you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of you I miss london..Topshop Oxford Circus is so amazing isn't it! I make sure to only go there on weekday mornings tho otherwise the mass of crowds is just to much!xx

Becky said...

you need to go to beyond retro - 110 cheshire street off oxford street. xxxxxxx

Stefanie Grace said...

Really cute skirt! If you still want coffee meets with fellow bloggers, let me know!! :D I'm in London on a fashion internship at the moment! xx

tickledpear said...

Great photographs. I've always wanted to visit London. Have fun!

Emily said...

where did you get that skirt? it's amazing!!

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