Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"You can find Inspiration in Everything.. and if you Don't Look Again"- Paul Smith

Today we went to the Design Museum located right by the Tower Bridge. It was one of my favorite museums I've ever visited; very interactive, informative, and a gift shop filled with coffee table books I could spend hours perusing. I took a 20th Century Design class last semester and learned an incredible amount. It was great to see some of the examples I've learned about in person. It's often overlooked by some of the bigger museums in London, but is definitely worth a visit!
the museum has a bauhaus influenced architecture
A designer's solution for all the London rain; repelling it w/ static electricity
the museum had designers from London show on maps how the city has inspired them.
the first issue of i-D magazine, where the winking cover tradition started
Paul Smith's solution for improving the city's trash cans
An interesting quote by designer Javier Mariscal
The exhibition by Javier was incredibly vibrant and colorful
Everything in the museum was so inspiring, I've definitely learned to appreciate good design and all the creativity that goes into it!
xoxo, lauren


E said...

I would love to see this. I love interesting museums.

Elizabeth Marie said...

This looks so amazing! I lived in London for years and never knew about this!! Jealous! :)

Secretista said...

Such great art!

Becky said...

i'm definitely going to check that museum out! have you been to the fashion and textile museum yet? thats incredible too xxx

Carlotta said...

amazign I'd love to visit it!!

michellehendra said...

great quote and lovely post!


Anonymous said...

Love these photos! I get so inspired by them, thank you for sharing!

p.s. You should definatley enter the contest! I just posted what the winner will get :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

This is now on my list of must-sees before I die. Love this post! :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics - so inspiring! I love the title quote as well.

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