Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Roam if You Want To.. Roam Around the World"

I just got back from Barcelona and had the time of my life. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. The city was the perfect mix of culture, art, beach, and nightlife.

It was the first country we've been to that English was barely spoken, so it was really difficult not knowing any Spanish. But, we managed to navigate the tapas bars, explore around town, and spend an afternoon at the gorgeous beach by the sea!

Antonio Gaudi's colorful architectural creations are sprinkled throughout the city, but Park Guell was the coolest place I've ever been to. It's a 15 acre park covered with buildings, strange cave-like crevices, and mosaic covered everything; all with amazing views looking down on the city. Everything looked straight out of a Dr. Suess book!

the view from Park Guell

looks like the inside of a cave/a palm tree

trying to look decent while sweating it out in the 90 plus weather!

columns inside Park Guell

Another "Modernisme" building by Gaudi in Barcelona

the beachfront with Frank Gehry's fish!

outside the Salvador Dali Museum

a beautiful building in the Barri Gottic district

at Barceloneta Beach @ night before the disco!

I truly feel like a jet setter, being in three different countries in one week! We somehow ended up in first class on the way back which was a special treat. I could definitely get used to the cushy first class service! Only a few more days left in Europe, so sad! Though, i'm excited to get back to the states.. I miss turkey sandwiches.. and my family and friends too I suppose ;)
xoxo, lauren


lisa said...

Amazing architecture! I'm glad to hear you're having such a great time, and kudos to you for blogging from Europe as you move from destination to destination. :)

Sherin said...

Love the pictures. Barcelona looks amazing. I'm going there in 2 weeks and I can't wait know. I'm definitely going to Park Guell.

Leia said...

Looks like such a great place! I've only been to one place in Spain - Madrid. You're right, it was really challenging not being able to speak the language. But my mother told me that if I just listened and *tried* to understand, it would make it easier, and it actually did! If you know one of the Latin-based languages (I speak French) it makes it a lot easier to understand others. I sometimes wish I could just learn everything, though! It's frustrating not to know what people are saying! :)

Frazoa, Filipa said...

Lovely pics!
Love your look to!
Barcelona is awesome,
isn't it?


LML said...

you got some great shots!!! that is the place i am dying to go next!

safe travels!

Secretista said...

You world traveler you!

WendyB said...

I was there a few years ago and the airline lost my luggage and it was a million degrees and I had a cold and got a weird sunburn. LOL. I need to back someday when I'm not having a catastrophe.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, now I want to live there. The colors. The scenery. It's just magical! :)

Studying & Living in Barcelona said...

Hey, nice pics!

Little Bow Prep said...

Fab pick!

Polished Sense said...

Okay, I've been to every single one of those places. You just reminded me of how beautiful it really is. Salvador Dali's house is such a treat too :P How long was your stay?


AudreyAllure said...

ah so beautiful and scenic.

Hanako66 said...

oh my gosh, you saw so many beautiful and amazing things!

tickledpear said...

Wow, the architecture is breathtaking. Nice pictures.

Anna Kowalczyk said...

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J. said...

Gorgeous photos! I really want to go there sometime...

Cheryl said...

Barcelona is so beautiful. I love your photos, coincidentally we almost have the same! I was there early spring of this year.

Have you visited the Palau Pedralbes,too? They have this whole floor dedicated to fashion( clothes) and I was having a blast! :)

Selma said...

I was in Barcelona exactly one month ago! Maybe we were there at the same time. I agree with the non-English situation. I got to talk with hands and feet to make sure they understood...made it more interesting. ;) And the city was just amazing!

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