Saturday, October 31, 2009

La Petite Fashionista Likey: Closet Confidential

When I found out one of my longtime favorite fashion bloggers, Winona, (of Daddy Likey fashion blog fame) was writing a book I was SO excited for her. There are few bloggers that can make me laugh like her posts do. When I found out I would have the chance to read a copy of Closet Confidential I was even more excited!

How could you not adore a book that begins with its acknowledgements giving props to the Backstreet boys and their social studies teacher (a page out of her 2nd grade journal). Winona's book shares the same type of hilarious anecdotes as her blog as well as fashion wisdom. This is no ordinary "how-to-dress-fabulously" kind of book. Her "Style Lessons" are hysterical and quite useful too.

Her book talks about everything from the best bottoms for your body type (beautiful Grecian goddess; Marilyn Monroe; stellar soft siren) to how to tell if your graphic tee is ironic or just lame. Everyone needs style tips for occasions like dressing for travel. For example: "If you don't wear your leopard print trench coat here, you will not wear it in Europe."

This book is seriously a must have for any fashionista and it's great to support a fellow fashion blogger. Buy it in bookstores or online! Congrats on the book Winona!

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High Fashion Halloween Costumes

While dreaming up my new Halloween costume post, I got to thinking how often times designers' avant garde creations can turn out almost costume-y. Runway shows are the epitome of conjured up themed looks.

Looking at Spring/Summer 2010 collections, these were some of my favorite costume inspirations: Barbie at Versace, Wilma Flimstone at Jeremy Scott, Zombie Brides at Rodarte, Dorothy at Christopher Kane, and Jocks at Alexander Wang. How perfect hmm? I definitely wouldn't mind rocking this runway garb to a halloween party!

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 26, 2009

La Petite Fashionista in Sketchbook Magazine

Words can't explain how honored and excited I am to be featured in Sketchbook Magazine's premiere Fashion Blogger issue! Sketchbook is a digital magazine that is printed on demand; issues cost $28 (I ordered a copy already)! It has a wonderful creative and unique perspective. It's filled with a treasure trove of artfully drawn fashion sketches, unique editorials, and interviews with fashion insiders.

It's crazy to see an article about me and my blog alongside my fashion blogging idols like Rumi, and Susie! The issue as a whole looks amazing and Wafa (a fellow fashion blogger at Fashion Ambition) did a fantastic job with the issue. I can't wait to see more from Sketchbook.

Make sure to check out the sneak preview of the issue celebrating fashion bloggers..something we can all relate to!

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pump Up the Stam

I saw Rachel Zoe styling this Jessica Stam editorial for V Magazine on her show. Only Rachel Zoe would style a fashion workout editorial in high heeled knee high boots and sequined sweaters. I die. It got me thinking about wearing cute clothes to work out in. As weird as it sounds I feel more motivated at the gym when I'm wearing something I feel confident in.

My suggestions for a cute workout clothes include:

  • Band shirt: I looove bob marley, but i like listening to hip hop when exercising)
  • Bright pair of stretchy shorts (these are from Roxy's new line, Athletix)
  • Fun pair of athletic shoes (how amazing are these?!)
  • SPIbelt (These stretchy zip up pouches can store keys, credit cards, and ipods while you get your sweat on. I have one that I don't know what I'd do without it @ the gym!)

What do you usually wear to the gym?

xoxo, lauren

Friday, October 23, 2009

Confessions of a Fashion Student

In case you were wondering why I've been M.I.A. the last few days... school has pretty much consumed my life. I had a couple HUGE projects due & an exam today. Thus, I've had 6 hrs combined for the last 2 nights. Let's just say I could use some beauty sleep!

I can't even complain about my assignment because I really enjoyed it! We had to select merchandise for our "store" and then show what we could coordinate onto fixtures in a retail store. Then, use excel to create a spreadsheet as a buyer would. I had alot of fun with it, and it made me really excited to think that I could be doing something like this one day as a career!

Here's a mini peek at my assignment and some of my favorite fixtures:

Let me know if you need me to ID anything! (Most of the images are from, anthropologie, & shopbop!) Now.. NAP TIME. happy friday everyone :)

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 19, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Deep in Vogue

If you haven't discovered Vera's blog, Deep in Vogue, you must check it out! It's full of beautiful photography and features many of her own designs against gorgeous Idaho scenery. Her blog is one of my favorites and never short of sartorial inspiration. She sells her innovative and expertly sewn designs in her etsy shop; keep checking back, she's always adding more!

She was sweet enough to answer some questions for La Petite Fashionista readers about her designs and fashion blog!

When did you start designing clothes? Are you formally trained or self-taught?
I am self-taught. I have always had an appreciation for fashions that were beyond my means financially, so finding a way to make them myself was only natural.

You have such a distinct point of view in your designs-- how would you describe your personal style?
I am very attracted to clean lines, slim and hourglass silhouettes. Let's say elegant with a bit of edge :o).

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?
Sometimes I find inspiration in specific pieces that I would like to change a bit. More often than not it's the fabric itself that gets me going

How has writing a fashion blog helped you with starting your own line of clothing? The feedback that I get back from my readers is the main thing that keeps me going. The positive reinforcement is priceless. I see blogging as a continuous dialog that helps me evolve.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of her originals ASAP! Best of luck to you Vera!

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mad for Plaid

This week I helped host my colllege fashion club's semi-annual brunch for seniors departing for their final semester internships. This years theme was Paris-- we had baguettes, tissue paper flowers, french labels for food names, and adorable little eiffel tower bookmarks. I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to get so involved in college.

It was a really successful event and I loved getting to dress the part in my buffalo plaid skirt, sleeveless polo, patent leather heels & wool beret from Paris.

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fashion Icon Hallween Costumes: Lady Gaga

I've never been a fan of overpriced, pre-packaged halloween costumes-- I tend to go the creative route and go shopping to create DIY costumes. A couple months ago, Audrey told me about the idea of being lady gaga and I LOVED it. All you need is a spandex leotard, some lacy tights, and a wig with blonde bangs. People will be asking you for your autograph all night.. just put on your poker face!

What are your Halloween costume ideas?? I might use yours an in an upcoming post!

xoxo, lauren

P.S. I had my awesome roommate pick a number 1-50 for the winner of the chick downtown contest and she selected #12--- so congrats to one of my favorite lovely bloggers, Cafe Fashionista!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seeking Sassy

I saw this shirt on Gold Saturn's online lookbook and knew I needed to have it! Next to the sassy little pin-up girl it says "c'est chic" in curly script. How cute would it be paired with a pair of black skinny denim, liquid leggings, or tucked into a bandage skirt??

Can't wait to announce the winner of the Chick Downtown contest tomorrow! This week has been insanely busy. I swear i've been living off of starbucks. Ican't wait to relax this weekend in the cold front we're getting!

xoxo, lauren

Monday, October 12, 2009

80's Blazers & Jean Shorts

While I was home this past weekend I made sure to squeeze in a stop to my favorite local Hospice thrift store. I always seem to find hidden treasures there; and they even gave me the volunteer discount ($1 per piece) since I used to volunteer there in high school! I picked up a bunch of stuff; among them, a black sheer button down, an 80's defined shoulder blazer, skinny striped tee.

I wish you could see the giant 80's shoulders on this hot little number!

Saw this look on le fashion & loved that it had a very similar feel to it! Maybe I need to add some sequins? I sense a DIY coming on..

Do you ever shop at thrift stores?

xoxo, lauren

Friday, October 9, 2009

She's Got Her Head in the Clouds

I saw this wordle application used on one of my new favorite blogs Curious & Curiouser and thought it looked so awesome- I could almost put it on my wall & frame it! It takes the most common and recently used words on your blog and creates a "word cloud" collage. It's really interesting to see what words show up!

post me a link if you create one for your blog!

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

California Casual

Rachel Bilson has california casual style down to a T! She knows how to take something as simple as an oversized v-neck and skinny jeans and make it look stylish. The structured red bag makes such a visual impact against a basic dark color palette. This outfit is a perfect transitional outfit into cooler weather! As much as I love high fashion editorials, I can also appreciate a pared down look like Rachel's!

xoxo, lauren

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Tolani scarf giveaway here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

French Frenzy

As if my last post wasn't enough Paris overload.. I got this adorable set of wall stickers from Flair4All, and proceeded to immediately stick them up on my bedroom walls next to my beloved Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's picture.

The stickers are removable and can be stuck on pretty much any surface, they're an easy way to decorate a dorm or apartment because they can be moved whenever your little heart desires. There are themes ranging from bullseyes, to paisley, to new york city skylines, to diamonds.

I thought I'd post some more memories of my time in Paris while studying abroad since I seem to be in a french frenzy lately:

Standard pose-in-front-of-eiffel-tower pic

munching on crepes on the bastille steps

our fave quirky indie bar in our arrondissement

our night on the seine river spent being serenaded by french musicians

How exactly do you think she rides her bike in those loubs I want to learn!

I promise i'll shut up about paris now.

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perfectly Parisian at Isabel Marant

Whenever I'm visiting Paris, all is right in the world. I seem to be in a constant state of bliss, people watching the stylish Parisians & eating all the nutella crepes I can stuff myself with. In Paris, I suddenly obtain this adventurous style and feel like I can pull anything off. Looking at Isabel Marant's "cool kid" collection, gives me that feeling.

This collection is full of quirky details like chainmail scarves and pink feather earrings. Yet you feel like they're all easy to throw on outfits that give you that effortless French style. As said, if edgy rocker style was all the rage this summer, boho pirate is going to be in next spring!

xoxo, lauren

Friday, October 2, 2009

All Laced Up

When I was in Liverpool over the summer I bought a pair of lace-up wedges that I fell in love with. I hadn't seen anything like them in the states. I always get compliments on them and I think they're going to be a big shoe trend for fall. Whether they be lace-up boots, platforms, or wedges; it's a cute runway-esque shoe that's made it way to the high street.

Though its getting a bit chilly out, it's not too late to try these laced up kicks. Try pairing them with a pair of colored red tights or a black opaque pair with a dress or skirt for a fun cool weather look! I love MK's nude colored pair that gives a leg lengthening illusion!

Would you ever rock a pair of lace-up heels?

xoxo, lauren

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