Saturday, October 31, 2009

La Petite Fashionista Likey: Closet Confidential

When I found out one of my longtime favorite fashion bloggers, Winona, (of Daddy Likey fashion blog fame) was writing a book I was SO excited for her. There are few bloggers that can make me laugh like her posts do. When I found out I would have the chance to read a copy of Closet Confidential I was even more excited!

How could you not adore a book that begins with its acknowledgements giving props to the Backstreet boys and their social studies teacher (a page out of her 2nd grade journal). Winona's book shares the same type of hilarious anecdotes as her blog as well as fashion wisdom. This is no ordinary "how-to-dress-fabulously" kind of book. Her "Style Lessons" are hysterical and quite useful too.

Her book talks about everything from the best bottoms for your body type (beautiful Grecian goddess; Marilyn Monroe; stellar soft siren) to how to tell if your graphic tee is ironic or just lame. Everyone needs style tips for occasions like dressing for travel. For example: "If you don't wear your leopard print trench coat here, you will not wear it in Europe."

This book is seriously a must have for any fashionista and it's great to support a fellow fashion blogger. Buy it in bookstores or online! Congrats on the book Winona!

xoxo, lauren


Jacqueline said...

wow, congrats Winona!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Great review, Lauren! It's always amazing to see a fellow fashion blogger receiving some well-earned attention. Congratulations to Winona! :)

AudreyAllure said...

awesome, i will definitely be on the lookout for it! sounds like an interesting read :)

The Anthology said...

OMG -- props to the BSB? Incredible.

Thanks for your kind note on my guest post on DreamSequins!

* Kelsey

Marian said...

that cover looks the review too honey.sounds like a delish book!

Couture Cookie said...

Sounds like a great read - I will be sure to pick it up! Congrats to Winona!

Espacio + said...

Congratulations Winoma! sounds great, i will read it! xlucia

LML said...

how exciting!
its sounds hilarious too!

lisa said...

I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on a coyp of this book!

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