Monday, November 23, 2009

More Than a Last Name

Dree Heminway is famous literary, Ernest Hemingway's great-granddaughter..she's also an incredibly chic model. Her willowy frame and all-American good looks would make a paper bag look fashionable on her, but she has a great personal sense of style! She's quickly becoming an editorial favorite, was named the new face of Mango, and a fashion favorite.

Here's a few of her looks that have been inspiring me:

She chooses a lot of drainpipe skinny jeans, slouchy tanks, leather & masculine jackets, and chunky knits-- always paired with a pair of leg lengthening platform pumps. I love that she always looks polished yet not overly styled!

Whose style has been inspiring you lately?

xoxo, lauren


L.A. said...

I feel it. she's beautiful. Love the post. Lately i have been inpired by twists of rocker chic. For example I will layer jewlery when dressed up for my internship. I am still loving the the layered flannel shirt vibe, which is so different for me and unexpected since I am very Ralph Lauren, bright preppy things. The summer had me very hippie-esque but not the poser commodity type. :) I realy enjoy your blog and insight.

Nina said...

Hi Lauren!

I totally admire Dree's style as well, she has legs for days and she knows how to play them up with her drainpipe jeans. She is seriously trés, trés chic.

Oh, and thanks for dropping me a line! Come visit again soon?


ashley said...

Dree is so... natural. Everything she wears is absolutely thoughtless, but she looks soooo gorgeous everytime.

LML said...

love it! so effortlessly chic!

ive been admiring lady gaga - i dont copy her or anything, i just admire how brave she is for wearing the concoctions she does haha

Taylor Sterling said...

she is so chic! Love these pics.

MizzJ said...

Wow she is skinny! I'm jealous of her willowy-ness!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Platform Pumps are my absolute favorite.

Marian said...

she is lovely, like that knit piece and the coat in image one is fab too!

L.A. said...

Hey lauren tagged you in my blog! Have a fabulous day

Cafe Fashionista said...

I absolutely adore Dree. She has a very sophisticated yet bohemian look to her dress which is completely covetable. Lately, however, I have been completely influenced by Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo's style - they always look amazing! :)

Sherin said...

She's so pretty. I love her look: its so chic.

Hanako66 said...

she's perfection!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

love it!!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i adore her style, too!

michelle_ said...

i actually didnt know her name until like just now ! thanks for the post !
now i have a style icon to add to my list :) i love the 2nd and 4th picture of her :)

Marta Represa said...

She does look really cute. But I think her mother (Mariel Hemingway) was even more beautiful at that age!

Love from Paris

English Rose said...

Im so glad you posted this - i've loved dree hemmingway (even her name is awesome)for a long time - so glad others share in the recognition

Dance_Stars said...

I am totally being inspired right now by Olivia Palermo from 'The City'. She dresses so cute and conservative at times, with a little Olivia Flair. I love her style

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lorenabr said...

Very nice like the knit outfit:)

ediot said...

great post. i especially love the first outfit. where do you come from btw? take care and have a great week/weekend. xx ediot

Little Bow Prep said...

How pretty!

I like the second, third, and fourth outfits :)

WendyB said...

I hope that third picture is distorted because...well, look at her body in it! I do feel it's a strange angle...

Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous! love her oversized shirts but she pairs them beautifully with a tighter bottom, love that

Ana said...

she looks absulutely stunning. i want to step in this glamour industry. Can any one help me out to getting an excellent network of existing models and photographer where i can learn more?

Anansha said...

la petite its a great collection you have putted here, thanks.I also inspired by Dree Heminway scene of dressing and style.
Her legs are beautifully structured and she has smartly used them as a add on in her beauty.


Anonymous said...

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