Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've always been a big advocate of volunteering in the community and seriously, few things make me feel better than knowing that I've made some sort of a difference in someone's life, be it big or small.

In high school I voluteered at a thrift store that benefitted Hospice and organized a fashion show for them. In college I've been trying to find my niche.. I think I've found it!

Soles4Souls combines two of my passions in life, helping people and fashion. The organization's goal is to help provide people around the world, with shoes; sometimes even their first pair. In some areas of the world, kids without shoes can't even go to school and learn; even in the U.S. there are many people who own nothing more than the shoes on their feet.

What I like about this organization is how easy it is to help; you don't need to donate money or even your time; just simply round up the shoes that have been sitting in your closet (they take everything from tennis shoes to flip flops to high heels).

How You Can Help:

  • Drop your gently used shoes off at a collection site 

  • If there are none near you, ship your shoes to one of their warehouses

  • Start your own shoe drive within your school or community

  • Donate to the charity or take a trip with them to distribute shoes!
I think it's a wonderful organization, and I'm very excited to get involved and help the cause! I hope some of you will consider it too; I know most of us could clean out our closets ;)

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glammed Up Girl's Night Out

The other night, my girl friends & I decided we were in need of a classy night out, before finals and everyone went their seperate ways for the summer! We ended up grabbing a class of wine at a rooftop bar; a little touch of class in our town filled with grungy (but fun) college bar.


I decided to pair my lace, body con Forever 21 dress with a pop of turquoise jewelry & clutch with patent leather peep toe heels. It's definitely nice to have a glammed up girls night out every once in a while!

Inspired by my dolled up night, I have my picks for some summery gorgeous cocktail dresses that will certainly make a statement at any girl's night out! It's so important to just get dressed up sometimes, even if it feels like there's nowhere to go in your town.


Which is your favorite?

xoxo, Lauren

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Paris is Always a Good Idea"- Sabrina

As I study for finals,  I can think of nothing I'd like to do more than escape on vacation. I've been looking thru all my old pictures from Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, & London and can't believe I was there a mere year ago. For now, I will have to take a mental vacation!

This is one of my favorite Paris moments; getting sung to on the steps of the Seine by a French boy right outside the Notre Dame!

These images via tumblr also offer a nice escape from my textbooks:




Good luck to everyone finishing up school & taking their finals!!

Don't forget to enter: The Tarte MultiplEYE Mascara Giveaway & Meg Cabot's Runaway Giveaway!

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glamorous in Green: Earth Day Edition

Happy Earth Day everyone! It's mind boggling to me how much the eco-friendly/green movement has exploded in the last couple of years. It's becoming so easy to "go green" whether its the clothes you wear, or the products you use to clean your house!
Look for clothes made out of materials like organic cotton or bamboo. This means the materials used in them won't be grown with pesticides and often won't use synthetic dyes. Using mineral make-up means no skin irritants like titanium oxide & other irritants will go on your face!

*Get this Elwood romper for $25, with code ELWOOD50 at checkout at Nimli
*This Azuri bangle is hand woven from bamboo
*It's easy to LIV GRN in this sassy tee
*Christopher Drummond has lightweight mineral make-up in pretty spring shades
*Surfwear line, Quiksilver has a line of stylish, eco-friendly clothes


Using eco-friendly products for the home, uses natural ingredients, non-toxic ingredients and  100% biodegradable materials. Avoiding chemicals will be less irritating to skin, and make for a better home & world enviornment.

*DuoDish is a gel strong enough for the dishwasher but gentle enough for hand soap
*ECOS detergent ues a coconut-based softener & leaves clothes selling super yummy post-washing.
*Wembe is an eco-luxe soap from Paraguay made using all natural-ingredients like mango and avocado.
*Radius Toothbrushes are completely biodegradable and made out of materials such as dollar bills or flax.

Thank you to these companies for allowing me the chance to go green in my home & try out some of their products! I've been trying to do a lot on my own lately, and It's good to feel like you're doing your small part.

Are you doing anything to reduce your impact on the environment or dare I say, "go green?"
xoxo, Lauren

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"I Dye."

I can't believe this is my last week of school. My junior year of college has absolutely flown by, it's truly bittersweet. So excited about the adventures up ahead, but cant believe I only have one year left!


I just downloaded photoshop, so bear with me while I learn the basics! This black & white batik mini I picked up a couple months ago is the perfect summer staple! Im also obsessed with these new elastic gladiators from Aldo. They will be in heavy rotation the next few months!

I can thank my summery tan to Bella Bronze self-tanning lotion from Beauty Fix. I'm usually a bit intimidated by faux glows, but I've had streak-free success and haven't had to waste precious study time (or risk skin cancer) laying out in the sun!

xoxo, lauren
P.S. Don't forget to enter the "Runaway" Giveaway to win Meg Cabot's new book, available in stores today!

P.P.S.  I was interviewed for a wonderful article, "Clothes and the College Girl", at Student Stuff yesterday (thank you for the feature, Lauren)! I'm feeling very thankful for all the wonderful opportunities I've been given lately.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuquoise Liner & Tarte MultiplEYE Mascara Giveaway!

One of my favorite beauty looks for summer was the focus of Nanette Lepore's S/S 2010 Show. Turquoise eyeliner & big lashes with bronzed cheeks. It has such a bright, bold look when paired with spring's equally sunny wardrobe and my favorite, turquoise jewelry!




Score this pretty look with a dusting of bronzer on the cheeks, gold eyeshadow smudged on the eyes, turquoise liner on the bottom of the eye, and a couple coats of lash boosting mascara.
Summer Goddess Palette at Sephora, $36

Win This: Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, $36

Score one step of the look with my giveaway sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics. There will be one beautified winner of Tarte emphasEYES Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara; said to be like a "push-up bra" for your eyelashes, meant to give them crazy volume and plumped up prettiness. Check out more tarte cosmetics reviews!
The giveaway is open to US residents and will end May 2nd, at midnight E.S.T.

To win,  leave me a comment telling me why you want/need Tarte MultiplEYE mascara, which  improves lashes up to 638%!

xoxo, Lauren

Friday, April 16, 2010

Reader Request: A Cute Clutch!

st week I received an email from reader, Mary Kate asking for some fashon advice for her upcoming wedding:

Hi there!
I've been following your blog for awhile now and I just love your posts.
I've got a question for you -

I'm getting married and want a clutch or bag to keep make-up and all in that will really pop with my dress. I know it's a small detail, but I'm pretty crazy over an awesome clutch. I've been looking on other blogs and on websites like etsy and just can't find anything I'm looking for that's not super expensive.

Any advice? Something really fun, but not gaudy?


Mary Kate


These clutches would be great for anyone like Mary Kate, who needs a clutch with a little bit of pizazz. I like to carry clutches when I go out with my girlfriends instead of a bulky purse. These are so much more fun than a little black clutch, and you would really get your money worth!

Need fashion advice? Shoot me an email and you can be the next Reader Request!

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feel Like a Kid Again

Being a junior in college pretty much trying to figure out my life plans, it's exhilerating not knowing what's in store! Sometimes though, it's fun to reminisce about how carefree and fun things are as a kid.

J. Crew's Crewcuts lookbook captured my heart (I know Casey, at Teen Fashionista is a fan as well)! The kids all look so adorable in the brand's mix and match preppy basics, and we could all use a little reminder to have fun with fashion sometimes.






My parents used to let me wear whatever I wanted as a youngster & my gramma and aunt used to take me shopping every weekend. My favorite shoes were red glittery mary-janes I called my "Dorothy shoes" & I frequented my gramma's jewelery collection and piled on all of her necklaces.

What was your favorite clothing item growing up?

xoxo, Lauren

Monday, April 12, 2010

LPF Book Club & Giveaway: "Runaway" by Meg Cabot

My Gramma, a former schoolteacher taught me how to read at the tender age of 4 and ever since I've always read anything I could get my hands on! Lately, my literature of choice has been  non-fiction fashion oriented coffee table books & fictional reads involving the fashion world. Thus, my introduction of a new series at LPF, the La Petite Fashionista Book Club where i'll review what i'm reading lately.


Meg Cabot has always been one of my favorite authors  ("The Princess Diaries" & "The Boy Next Door" are among the most read in my collection). So, when I had the chance to check out, Runaway,  the third installment of the Airhead series, I leapt at the opportunity!
Photobucket Photobucket

The Airhead Series is a sci-fi meets fashion series about Emerson Watts, a normal 16-year old who due to a mysterious accident involving Stark Enterprises takes over the body of supermodel Nikki Howard. Her life is turned upside down as she tries to uncover a murder mystery, her relationship with high school crush, Christopher, and being herself in a million dollar body.

Runaway,  the 3rd installment in the triology features Em on the run from everyone she loves because they're mad at her for something she can't explain. When Em finally discovers Nikki's secrets, she needs Christopher to set aside his anger & help her reveal the truth about the multi million dollar company.This could put both their lives in danger, and Em questions if she's better off living life as a runaway.

ONE Lucky reader will win a prize pack containing this Hobo Clutch Wallet & all three books in the Airhead Series: Airhead, Being Nikki & Runaway.

The Contest is open to US Residents & ends April 26th at midnight EST.
To enter, tell me where you would "Runaway" to given the opportunity!

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"A Fashion Editor's Guide to Sample Sales" Guest Post by Haute Mimi

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I had a relaxing afternoon at the beach! Today I have a guest post from one of my favorite blogs, Haute Mimi! Check out their tips on navigating the fashion jungle that is the sample sale.

We all love designer clothing and accessories, but most of us wish that the steep designer prices were lower. So what is a fashionista to do? Shop sample sales of course! Sample sales typically is a means for retail businesses to discard extra merchandise from their showrooms. The clothing was usually worn on the catwalk and on photo shoots. Sample sales are a great way to get near to perfect clothing and accessories at a fraction of the retail price.
How To Find Sample Sales

In Print

Many local newspapers and magazines list sample sales. New York Magazine and Time Out NY are two titles that are known for their heavy coverage of sample sales. Fashion trade publications also list upcoming and current sample sales.


Sign up for designers' newsletters on their websites and rest assured when they have a sample sale they will send you an email dishing out all the details of the sale.

Sample sales are difficult to come by, but with the power of the Internet finding sample sales is a cinch. My favorite website for sample sale hunting is a cool new site that lets members list up-to-the-minute sample sales and connect with fashionistas nationwide. The site lists physical sample sales happening right now in New York City and Los Angeles and also online sample sales from top online sample sale sites including Gilt and Editor's Closet.
What To Look For At Sample Sales

It's easy to get excited at a sample sale and purchase everything you see. Keep these tips in mind:

•Make sure it fits your body now.

•Check that all seams, hems, buttons and zippers are in tact.

•Only buy an item if you are absolutely in love with it, if you only wear the item once then it's not really a deal.

How To Survive At A Sample Sale

Sample sales somehow bring out the bad in some, remember the sample sale scene from Confessions of A Shopaholic? They can be packed with fashionistas all vying for the Gucci Jackie O bag on sale at 60% off. Some things to keep in mind when shopping sample sales:
•Arrive early. At least a half hour before the sale starts.

•Bring cash. This way you won't over spend and regret it, seeing as most sample sales are final sale.

•Dress lightly. There are rarely dressing rooms at sample sales so be smart and wear minimal clothing and easy to take off shoes to try on things easily.

Sample sales are a great way to cultivate a closet full of designer clothing for a steal. Happy shopping and good luck fashionistas!

Copyright ©2009 Haute Mimi International LLC. All rights reserved.
Check back at La Petite Fashionista tomorrow for a fantastic giveaway & book review of author Meg Cabot's latest book, "Runaway"!
xoxo, lauren

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dressing for Success


My best friend texted me last week with desperate pleas of something trendy & appropriate to wear to an interview for a PR internship. "I'm officially requesting a 'what to wear' post for you blog," she said. So here I am with some outfit suggestions & a few tips for dressing for success at an interview!

The formality of your outfit depends where you're interviewing; interviewing for a fashion job allows a bit more creative freedom when it comes to shoes/accessories, but the basic foundation should still be conservative & classic.

What to Wear:
  • Pair fitted button downs with coordinating dress pants
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a tucked in shirt with a blazer for a trendier look
  • Keep heel heights to a minimum & jewelry classic and minimal
    • think pearls, sterling silver, and rhinestone studs
  • Make-up & hair should be clean & natural looking
  • Invest money in your interview outfit, because all the pieces will work great into any work wardrobe
  • Dress for the job you want! It's okay to be a little overdressed rather than sloppy looking.
For more tips & suggestions check out this article on College Fashion.

Best of luck to everyone applying for jobs and internships right now!

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rebel Yell


After a week of rough tests, I did a bit of retail therapy at the mall yesterday. I picked up this skirt at Forever 21 for a measly $9; it's super comfortable jersey tee material w/ a stretchy waistband. I also picked up these elastic band gladiators at Aldo which I feel as if I'm going to wear to death this summer.

I sliced off the hem of this vintage tribal print tee so it would be slightly crop top, midriff baring to go with the nineties feel. I was all about comfort today helping set up for my fashion club's annual fashion show. Tonight i'll be sitting camera in hand to snap some pictures of the stylish runway walkers!

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trend Tracking: Pastel Hair

Lately, pastel colored highlight hair has been popping up on runways, editorials, and hipster kids everywhere. I don't know if I'd have the guts to rock it, but it certainly looks cool on film. I think it has a really futuristic, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century feel to it.






What do you think about candy colored highlights & hair? Would you put a few streaks in your hair, or will you leave it to adorable Abbey Lee (above).

xoxo, lauren

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Tonic:Luster Surf Hair Repair Giveaway!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back to Basics


Often I instantly gravitate towards clothing with print & embellishment so sometimes it's difficult for me to tone things down & just get back to basics. Market sent me one of their t-shirt dresses to try out and it was a fun challenge for me to play up a basic blue dress with accessories & shoes! The braided belt at the waist gave it a more defined shape & I played up a new statement necklace I just bought at a local boutique.


Market, is a new t-shirt line with uber comfortable basics that come in a variety of trendy colors. Seriously, my t-shirt dress is so comfy & easy to thrown on. Their v-necks & tanks would make great staples to any wardrobe.

What wardrobe basics do you wear most?

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life's a Beach, Ride the Wave [Tonic: Luster Giveaway!]

 My surfer girl self could not help but be captivated by these images from ELLE. The thrown together feel, beachy waves, & arm full of bangles make me anxious to hop on a surf board and into the waves.






Luckily, this weekend I'll get to spend some precious free time at home with my family & can't wait to hit the beach! School has been crazy busy & I can't wait to get back to my normal blogging schedule!

Luster by Beauty Brand Tonic is the perfect solution to protecting your locks in the sun & sand. Apply the cream-to-mist solution with its UV inhibiting & french vanilla, banana & citrus scented essential oils for ultimate sun protection for your hair. Whether you're a surfer girl or just want to dress like one, Luster is an essential summer hair care product!

KMR is giving away a bottle to a lucky La Petite Fashionista reader!

The giveaway is open until Saturday, April 10th at midnight EST & open to US readers.

To enter just include a comment telling me a song you have on your spring playlist. (I need some new tunes!)

xoxo, Lauren
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