Friday, April 9, 2010

Dressing for Success


My best friend texted me last week with desperate pleas of something trendy & appropriate to wear to an interview for a PR internship. "I'm officially requesting a 'what to wear' post for you blog," she said. So here I am with some outfit suggestions & a few tips for dressing for success at an interview!

The formality of your outfit depends where you're interviewing; interviewing for a fashion job allows a bit more creative freedom when it comes to shoes/accessories, but the basic foundation should still be conservative & classic.

What to Wear:
  • Pair fitted button downs with coordinating dress pants
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a tucked in shirt with a blazer for a trendier look
  • Keep heel heights to a minimum & jewelry classic and minimal
    • think pearls, sterling silver, and rhinestone studs
  • Make-up & hair should be clean & natural looking
  • Invest money in your interview outfit, because all the pieces will work great into any work wardrobe
  • Dress for the job you want! It's okay to be a little overdressed rather than sloppy looking.
For more tips & suggestions check out this article on College Fashion.

Best of luck to everyone applying for jobs and internships right now!

xoxo, lauren


S.Elisabeth said...

Good tips! I'll keep this in mind for future interviews!

Panty Buns said...

Excellent tips, but I'd never make it in public relations myself. I'm fine for a while, but then that devilish off-colour humor always seems to get the better of me. There would probably be other occasions when I could wear those fashions though..


I love your tips. This was a great post! xo

hélène said...

Great post! So many of us are just stumped when it comes to interview attire - this is great :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

This is a very helpful tip because I´m off job hunting soon!

veronicaa said...

Great tips.
XO Veronica

Sarah M said...

omg great post and great outfit making tips! :D omg its sooo tough dressing for a formal event because u have to take into account so many factors such as occasion and location and weather!

and you never want to look over formal or informal!

These tips definitely were helpfufl and help make dressing for a job interview soo much easier!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love these tips. And just for the record...I am ALWAYS overdressed!! :)

Twin XL said...

So hard to figure out what to wear for an interview sometimes - great tips!

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