Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Paris is Always a Good Idea"- Sabrina

As I study for finals,  I can think of nothing I'd like to do more than escape on vacation. I've been looking thru all my old pictures from Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, & London and can't believe I was there a mere year ago. For now, I will have to take a mental vacation!

This is one of my favorite Paris moments; getting sung to on the steps of the Seine by a French boy right outside the Notre Dame!

These images via tumblr also offer a nice escape from my textbooks:




Good luck to everyone finishing up school & taking their finals!!

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xoxo, lauren



I want to go back to Europe as well. Last time I was there was May 2008. I miss it! x

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Indeed. Paris is so chic, but one should go beyond Paris to feel the soul of the city. Love your photographs, sweetie! Happy Sunday! xx

La Chica said...

love the places you've been to, especially London!!! :D I love the photo of the Eiffel Tower btw. Beautiful. :)

LML said...

i daydream of europe all the time! 2 years has been to long for me!

cute video :)

Sarah M said...

oh my this is SOOOO part about being a student----TRAVELLING ITME !!


aww i just finished my first year finals BEST FEELING EVER!

good luck with all of yours! :)

ashley lara said...

Hey girl! Absolutely love your blog. I'm also a fellow petite fashionista blogger! Come have a look at my blog sometime when you get a chance. I would love, love it <3

xxxxx ashleylara

kumar said...

you are very talented i like that Eiffel tower pic

great post nice pics

Anonymous said...

wanderlust... The pictures of the Eiffel Tower are just gorgeous. Unfortunately I never have been in Paris, but when I move to London in the end of the year (currently living in Brazil) I'll try to spent my next vacations there. ^^

Cheryl said...

Paris is romance personified! I was there at the beginning of this month and the city was so captivating. I especially love that little island filled with restaurants along the Seine.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I so love that video, Lauren! I hope that one day you have the chance to visit Paris again - perhaps you'll even be serenaded by the very same boy on the steps of the Seine!

Good luck with Finals!! :)

lisa said...

Good luck with your exams!

Birgitte said...

I love paris! I went there in April!
Xoxox Birgitte

S.Elisabeth said...

Ahh! I know how you feel; I'm dying right now. AP Exams are around the corner and then I know I'm home free! I keep thinking of travel escapes as well. (And being serenaded is awesome! Lucky you, and by a Parisian!)

Prutha said...

i wanna go to paris too... love the eiffel tower pic..its funny!!

good luck with ur exams

follow if u like what u see?

have a happy day!!


Anonymous said...

ah how i miss paris i so would love to go back one day to! and that vid to cute ah french boys oh lala

Sheri said...

All I can think of is escaping to an exotic place to. I just want to get on a plane and be in Italy the next day haha.

Twin XL said...

SUCH wonderful images! I just love Europe :)

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