Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've always been a big advocate of volunteering in the community and seriously, few things make me feel better than knowing that I've made some sort of a difference in someone's life, be it big or small.

In high school I voluteered at a thrift store that benefitted Hospice and organized a fashion show for them. In college I've been trying to find my niche.. I think I've found it!

Soles4Souls combines two of my passions in life, helping people and fashion. The organization's goal is to help provide people around the world, with shoes; sometimes even their first pair. In some areas of the world, kids without shoes can't even go to school and learn; even in the U.S. there are many people who own nothing more than the shoes on their feet.

What I like about this organization is how easy it is to help; you don't need to donate money or even your time; just simply round up the shoes that have been sitting in your closet (they take everything from tennis shoes to flip flops to high heels).

How You Can Help:

  • Drop your gently used shoes off at a collection site 

  • If there are none near you, ship your shoes to one of their warehouses

  • Start your own shoe drive within your school or community

  • Donate to the charity or take a trip with them to distribute shoes!
I think it's a wonderful organization, and I'm very excited to get involved and help the cause! I hope some of you will consider it too; I know most of us could clean out our closets ;)

xoxo, lauren


Leia said...

I've heard of them before! How wonderful that you're getting involved. I need to find out if there's a collection site near me - I'll definitely donate! :)

LML said...

i love things like this! thanks so much for sharing - i would love to take part!

E said...

What a great cause! I need to donate!

Twin XL said...

Such a wonderful cause - thanks for the info :)

Mommylew said...

I'm TeenFashionista's mom and I'm a teacher. I plan to start a "shoe drive" at our school pronto! Thanks for the info. What a great philanthropy!

Anonymous said...

How great that you're that much interested in helping other people and you found a fantastic organization! I donate, too. My organization is called Misereor.(org)

xoxo Sandra

hélène said...

This is so great, Lauren! Very admirable thing to do :)


Andi's Closet said...

this makes me so happy that you posted this! a year and a half ago i did a huge drive in south florida and collected over 1300 pairs of shoes! heres an article soles4souls wrote about it...

good luck! and your doing a great thing! soles4souls is truly an amazing organization!

Andi's Closet said...

...and i am a bad editor of my comments and realized i put the wrong link haha this is the link to the article!

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