Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When I stumbled upon J. Crew's Summer 2010 Collection video, Chic Flick on their homepage it was pretty much love at first sight. From the french lyrics in the background, to the coral lipstick, shimmery sequins, chambray, messy hair, skinny stripes, and vintagey rhinestone earrings... it features basically everything I'm coveting at the present moment.

These inspiring lookbook images speak for themselves!
 (Make sure to check out the adorable video that inspired them as well!)








I'm so imrpesed with Creative Director, Jenna Lyon's, ability to transform classic wardrobe staples into something stylish and relevant. I just love her aesthetic; She's definitely made me a new fan of the brand!

xoxo, lauren


Igotloveonmy4head said...

I'm coveting right beside you girlie! The looks are fab and the video is too cute.

Maddy said...

JCrew can do no wrong in my eyes! Love this latest collection!

Leia said...

LOVE the lipstick! and the collection!

LML said...

they just keep getting better and better!

Sue (reBloomer) said...

It's so true, their success goes so far beyond just their clothes, which, truth be told, are often nice but not earth shattering. There is definitely genius in the styling. I like that they keep us on our toes with whimsy, exotic locales, mixed media, and funky accessories. Long live J. Crew!

Sherin said...

They're definitely inspiring pictures! I really love the collection: it's so sweet.

Cams said...

lovely! i love J Crew.

Andee Layne said...

love the denim vest and bright lips!!! perfect for summer!! xo

Bostonista said...

I saw the video the other day and also fell in love! J.Crew has definitely stepped up the fabulous lately and the video just brings it home. Unfortunately the J Crew store near me does not reflect the awesomeness of online!

Gracey said...

I wish I looked that good with messy hair haha.
Love J. Crew!

Dorm Linens said...

LOVE me some J. Crew :)

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

Couldn't agree more. And the lip color makes it - my fave shade to wear this summer. Have a great weekend! xxSAS

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