Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Wonderland


Lately I've been drawn to a romantic 70's inspired wonderland of lace, clogs, and vintage floral prints.  There's something so grounded yet whimsical about these styles. I loved these looks from British site, especially the women's bags & shoes. They're perfect for the long, hot & hazy days of summer!

These images from weheartit, perfectly capture the feel I'm talking about:






On an exciting note, I wanted to announce the 6 winners of the Brazilet "Wear Your Wishes Giveaway".. I really enjoyed how heartfelt everyone's responses were!

Congrats to ediot, lindsay, sherin, stephanie webb,  caity & brittany! Contact me with your info & I can get them sent off to you :)

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

love all these pics so summery! and i just brought some jeffrey campbell clogs so excited!!

Leia said...

I just love all the nudes in these pictures!

Sherin said...

Yay. I'm so excited that I won. Will send you my details now.

Miri said...

Congrats on the winners. I looove lace, I just tend to get white things very dirty :P

LML said...

i am such a fan of this style - soooo romantic!

Gracey said...

those pictures are so gorgeous!
congrats to those who won!

Bionica said...

those shoes are so nice


E said...

I love all the clogs :-) And that floral dress is wonderful!

xshumzx said...

love the light colors in the pics!! Cute shoess!!

Vibram Five Fingers said...

I, too, love vintage florals so much! My friends just can't understand why I'm hooked on buying floral blazer, floral shoes, floral dress and stuff. It's like taking me to an English garden during the Renaissance period or something. I can't explain.:)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, I absolutely LOVE the items and photographs you've featured here, Lauren - absolutely stunning!

Congratulations to the winners!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos, darling!


MizzJ said...

Great set of images! I'm feeling the exact same way as well lately. I just can't get enough of girlish touches like lace, polka dots and pinks!

Yade said...

cool stuff!!

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