Monday, July 19, 2010

Zest for Life

As a a Florida girl, my summer, I associate summer with fresh squeeze lemonade, roadside stands selling just-picked oranges, and lush green palm trees. So, it's only fitting that these colors remind me most of Summertime.

Right now, is the perfect excuse to break out your citrusy brights and scents. You can give yourself an Atomic Orange O.P.I.  pedicure, or use Citrus Verbena scented french soap or fragrance from L'Occitane as the perfect lightweight scent. Give your outfit a punch of color in lemon colored wedges.


Try spicing up a little white dress with a lime colored statement necklace, and giving your skin a break & trying out some naural beauty products! I'm personally dying for an excuse to throw a fiesta and try out those margarita mixes, which sound amazing.

This summer definitely has been about finding a zest for life! It's been wonderful living somewhere different for the summer & having to meet new people and adjust to life in a new place :)

xoxo, lauren



I want that nail polish! xx

Niika said...

oh my that chain is lovely

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

Orange is actually my favourite color for nails.

Anonymous said...

I love that color by OPI!

Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a necklace from Jack & Ginger!

Miss Neira

hélène said...

Glad to know you're having a great time :) I've been so obsessed with coral and orangy hues, that opi nail polish is so perfect!!


becka said...

I want that nail polish too! :)


I also love this great orange!!!

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i LOVE that OPI color! i'm going to pick it up. thx for the heads up!

LML said...

i love citrus colors and scents! they make me happy :)

Taryn said...

such pretty colors, they definitely remind me of summer

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