Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to School: Stylish College Girl Edition

As I'm entering my senior year of college and I watch my little sister enter college I've been reminiscing about my first year. I remember moving into the dorms with more stuff than anyone on my floor.. trying to cram all my clothes and shoes into a 2 ft wide closet. But then there was the late night talks with my roomie, dining hall dinners, and first college football game. 
I've come up with what I think are the absolute essentials for the stylish college student!

  • A Girly Tee or Sweater to show your school spirit (VSPink has great options.. i love this collegiate style cardigan!)

  • A Planner; swap out the one the school gives you with one for a little more personality.

  • Cute PJ's are essential when living in the dorms! You never know who you might see.

  • Comfy/Stylish flats for all the walking around campus you'll have to do.

I hope this helps all of you College Fashionistas!
 Check out some of my vintage posts about starting college too:

What do you think the essential item for the stylish college girl is?

xoxo, Lauren


Under the Fluorescents said...

I can't wait to go to college! Well I have to wait another year... and actually get in somewhere I want to go... but the idea of it seems so grand.


These are some great tips and I agree with the items listed! All essentials. I would add an alarm clock, but that probably doesn't count as a stylish component.

Anna Yan said...

I'm going to be a first-year this year! I agree with all 5!!

Jasmin said...

Cute!! I can't wait to shop for clothes. SUmmer's almost over.. Boo!

PetiteLittleGirl said...

I stayed with my parents all through college so I didn't have the experiences. Those items you have picked out are definitely appropriate for stylish college students
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Bostonista said...

I miss college so much- I graduated in 2007 so its been a long time but its definitely the best time!
have a great senior year!

Audrey Allure said...

Love those ballet flats!

Leia said...

I agree that flats are an absolute essential! There's so much walking to do (especially if you live in London or on a big campus!) This is the first time in about 18 years that I'm not going back to school in September and it's a really scary feeling...!


S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I love this! Simply because it's my first year of college, and everything is so fresh and exciting! I don't know, but I've bought rain boots, and I'm thinking they're going to be quite essential!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I love the VS cardigan!

Petite Chic[k] said...

I love this, especially since I'm starting my first year of college in a week! I would have to say my college essential is a large stylish tote bag, such as one from Steve Madden, Fossil, Gianni Bini or Coach (I own all these brands, so that's why I suggested them!) You need to carry around tons of stuff in college and you want to look cute while doing it

Leigh said...

thanks so much for this post! i am about to be a freshman in college, and this was really helpful!
you gave me some great ideas and inspiration for posts!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, the collegiate style cardigan is phenom!

I think that leggings are a college girl essential - so much more stylish than sweats!! :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I'm like your little sister, entering college for the first time! This was such a helpful list!!

Adele said...

Great post I love the outfit!

Adèle –

MizzJ said...

Ooh definitely flats and boots are college essentials as you need to walk a lot! I'd say scarves are very good too as they pretty up an outfit in a very effortless way when you're too tired from cramming.

Alicia said...

Stylish pjs / sweats! I lived in my juicy pants in college :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for college! Everyone says its really fun to live in the dorms, every girl has to be very cute and very chick, because you never know when you are going to meet your prince charming! Also remember the comfortable jeans! and the sneakers! always match the outfits and never leave your dorm without doing your hair. Your hair is actually the first thing people look at.
Love the outfit! The sweater specially, its very chick and seems very comfortable.

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