Thursday, August 19, 2010

J'aime mon Carré


Here at La Petite Fashionista, I have an affinity for all things French. Thus, when I stumbled upon the new marketing campaign for classic scarf designer, Hermès, it was love at first sight mon cheries! J'aime mon carré (english translation: I Love My Scarf) features stylish girls from New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo sporting Hermès scarves in a hip, updated way & telling their personal style story.
PhotobucketThrow in some sassy bios, dreamy videos, & scarf tying guides and this historic brand has a great move for capturing the young fashionista audience.

all images via J'aime mon Carré
I really like all of their incorporation of social media & well-loved hipsters like Harley Viera Newton into the campagn. Their scarves may be classic, but they're definitely keeping up with the trendsetters!

Are you a scarf wearer? If so, how do you rock yours?

xoxo, lauren


L'Amour et la Paix said...

Oooh je l'adore! Like you, I'm naturally drawn to all things French. And scarves! xo

Under the Fluorescents said...

this makes me want to be able to pull off a scarf!

Peekaboo said...

You know that Louis Vuitton has made a line of scarves especcially designed to be worn on your head?! they're so lovely, we got it for my best friend birthday, who is a huge fan of scarves...!

bee.marie said...

I am a HUGE fan of France and scarves! At my internship for Tommy, I was always the scarf expert. I just wish I had a hermes!

veronicaa said...

Wow such a cool post!
I am very skeptical to wear scarves but I looooooove HERMES scarves, and EMILIO PUCCI makes amazing ones too :)
Xo Veronica
my passion for fashion

veronicaa said...

Hey girly, just noticed you have my link wrong in your blog roll. It's fashi0npassi0n you have it down as fashi0npashi0n :) Xo!

chellemorgan said...

I'm in love with the campaign... It makes the scarf young and fresh - and the name is perfect, the fashionistas are so relatable. Love!

Xo Chelle

Vintage Eclectico said...

This is the cutest idea for a campaign! and OMG I just saw you have a picture of my friend Bekah throwing up some "rock on" hand signs via, on top of the couch @ LIV!! I'm somewhere in the crowd. P.S. Her and the girl in the blue shorts next to her (allison) call those shorts "bootysmacks!" lol

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