Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smooth Moves

It seems that the body con look, popularized by Herve Leger's bandage dress isn't going anywhere. As cute as the slinky dresses look on celebrities on the red carpet, pulling them off in real life is a whole different story. The style emphasizes curves, which can make it hard for a lot of the female population to pull off!
The Sartorialist's body con outfit shot!
Luckily, slipping on a shapewear piece underneath a slim fitting dress is a quick fix for streamling your sillhouette. Lingerieplease sent me their Charnos shapewear to test out for a night on the town (outfit pictures to come!). It fits like a corset, but way comfier! It was a great solution for dresses that make you feel like you have to suck in all night while you're wearing them.

 I hate when trends are confined to certain body types; & i love the idea of making body con dresses a bit more wearable for the rest of us!

Do you wear "body con" style dresses, or do you perfer a spandex-free style?

xoxo, lauren


PetiteLittleGirl said...

I love bodycon style dresses. Those bodycon dresses are super cute.
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Caroline Hallemann said...

Have you ever tried Spanx? I'd love to hear your opinion about whether the charnos shapewear is better

Jay Strut said...

Great post! & Yes, this trend is staying for a while.. Especially in bandage format lol..

>> & i agree! The burberry prorsum fw 2010 runway boots are a real pair of winter boots..

p.s. thank's for checking out my blog!
Your's is great to! Stay tuned, will be in NY for NYFW!!

hope to talk to you soon!


Sherin said...

I'm not a fan of body-con items. I always feel so uncomfortable in them. But a shapewear piece sounds like a great idea!

Leia said...

I am so scared of bodycon! I love the way they look, but feel like they would emphasize my bulges rather than my curves (haha!) I've tried shapewear but I find it uncomfortable :(


*rachelwears said...

love it, i think it's such a sexy look! x

Faux Naif said...

bodycon dresses make me way too nervous... maybe i should wear a corset, hehe!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

body con skirts ftw! wearing one in my latest post too ;)

becka said...

this kind of dresses are so pretty but yes they are not easily to wear :S

lisa said...

The most "body con" dresses I have are one from AA and a ruched brown strapless number I found at a local boutique. Miraculously, neither of them seem to require me wearing shapewear to make them look good!

ediot said...

i like some bodycon dresses- but i dont own any shapewear. i usually wear a belt to a bodycon dress- and a cardigan/blazer-
thanks for stopping by me darling you.wish you a wonderful week
youre very welcome to order! i love orders from fellow bloggers- because then the possibility of seeing them in your designs increase- and i love seeing people in my prints ;)


hélène said...

That's a good option for curvier girls, but i myself prefer looser styles, i just don't feel comfortable in super tight styles!

Petite Chic[k] said...

I just got my first body con dress from Gilly Hicks! I am very petite, but I usually wear flowier styles; however, I am learning to love the body con look, even without shapewear. Body con dresses are just so chic.

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