Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forever Young

As I feel senior year quickly slipping away from me, I've been trying to make the most of my time left in college before we enter the "real world" and spend lots of time with friends and making memories. Forever Young may as well be our theme song for these last couple of semesters!
This chambray blazer is one of my recent purchases from an Urban Outfitters outlet type store, Urban Threads. I love how many ways I can wear it; definitely a great investment! I'm also wearing my favorite turquoise necklace & coordinating sandals because I love the pop of color it gives an outfit!
What should I add to my senior year bucket list?
xoxo, Lauren


Lindsay said...

Senior year goes by so fast. Enjoy it! As far as a senior year bucket list, a pub crawl is a must. Make sure you hit up anything local (museums, restaurants, sporting events). Those are the things I miss the most/regret not doing. Take pictures around your campus too!

Emilie said...

Oh love the blazer :)

enjoy your senior year darling, as long as it lasts :p


Taryn said...

LOVE the color of your skirt...that peachy pink is always so fresh! Take the time to attend as many school events and get togethers as possible, I know you'll make amazing memories :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a high school senior right now, so I definitely understand how you're feeling! Although, I'm much more excited to rush through senior year to get to college rather than enjoying the year... ;)

My suggestions: spend as much time with your friends on your favorite spots on campus, make a mix CD with your favorite songs right now (to look back on in 5/10/20 years!), and have fun!

xoxo Hannah

BASIIK said...

Such a cute blazer; definitely one of my favorite fall investments too!

AE said...

This is so weird! I was looking around the web for college-age fashion blogs and run across this one...and the first entry mentions Urban Thread! I used to work there (in Tallahassee) before I moved to Gainesville this fall for school. It's a great store :)

Simply Fabulous Fashion said...

Lauren, I have that blazer! lol good work :) So many things to add to the Sr. year bucketlist! I think one should be showing Jaclyn around Tallahassee! :) xoxo

Leia said...

Oh Lauren you look so pretty as always! Reading this makes me miss university so much, sigh!


Sherin said...

You look so cute here! I love the blazer.

Petite Chic[k] said...

I'm so excited to be a senior in three years! Right now I'm just trying to get through my freshman year and anticipating when I can finally get past all the basic classes and dive into my major. I would suggest making a scrapbook with all your pictures and other memories of your life in college. Maybe a collage of your favorite outfits!

PetiteLittleGirl said...

Love your outfit! You look very young regardless. I love UO. They always have great stuff
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the classic case said...

I've had to stop visiting your blog so frequently because everytime I visit, I'm inspired to go on a huge Lands End shopping spree. :)

That skirt is FAB.

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