Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Inspired by: Vintage Jocks

With football season quickly approaching, game day has definitely been on my mind! I never thought a girly girl like myself would be so into sports, but going to a big, southern football school certainly changed that. I also love looking at my papa's pictures from his time playing college football in Indiana way back when.
How amazing are these images of football fashion from the early 1900's to today!
Vintage football motifs have even found their way into fashion lately in the form of aged leather shorts, varisty jackets, rugby stripes, and epaulet shoulder pads. It's easy to achieve a football inspired look, that's so perfectly Americana.
Inspired by: Vintage Jocks

Do you follow college or professional football? If so, whose team do you root for?
xoxo, lauren


I'm Lindsay! said...

love this look..the vintage photos are so fun!

Emilie said...

Wauw really cool pictures :)

Love your blog, I'm following you now :)


Maybe you'd like to come and visit me?

L'Amour et la Paix said...

Love those vintage photos! xo

Stylelover said...

I love vintage photos! Great blog..

Sherin said...

All the guys definitely look really cool. And I also so badly want to be that girl. I'm definitely investing in a jock jacket.

chellemorgan said...

Ah, I love this post! The changes in fashion are so unique, and my Dad also played college football. I think varsity jackets with skinny's are such a great laid back look for the season.

Xo Chelle

Leia said...

I don't follow football but college jocks are incredibly cute!


Anonymous said...

UT!!! their gunna kick some ass this season:)

S.Elisabeth said...

Totally loving this look! I love anything from the past, vintage is amazing!
And I know what you mean. I love sports too and no one would even suspect it!

Kate said...

Great post as usual! I definitely got myself a gray and white vintage jock inspired sweater; can't wait to wear it this fall!
(also, used to be Style Void, follow my new blog)

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