Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the Hilfigers

If you were to mention "Tommy Hilfiger" to me a year ago I would have instant flashbacks of  fifth grade and their oversized white tees with the flag logo and jean shorts. Now, thanks to their new "Meet the Hilfigers" ad campaign, I think quirky, cute prep school and a modern day Royal Tenenmbaums family sporting their clothes. The label has done a great job as branding themselves as a quintiscentiallly classic and updated preppy design.
The ads are so fun, and although not trendy to an extreme, they're definitely a fresh look at the ivy league look. The lace up boots, rugby stripes, skinny cargos, and crested blazers are inspiring my fall fashion wishlist!
Inspired by: Meet the Hilfigers
Do you think Tommy Hilfiger is back with an argyle wearing vengeance with their Meet the Hilfigers campaign?
xoxo, lauren


Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

Eh...Never been a Tommy Hilfiger fan!
However, some of the things in the ad are cute.


MizzJ said...

This is very different from what I've seen of your previous style leanings! I can see what you mean by the Royal Tenenbaum homage; it's a cool new direction for TH. I'm really liking all the slouchy socks with shoes!

Sherin said...

Oooo, I like this. The collection is so perfectly preppy!

Online Wardrobe said...

I love this collection.

BASIIK said...

I couldn't agree more. I love the new looks and ads. I used to instantly think of that stupid flag logo before too and I was instantly reminded of the 90's.

Anonymous said...

I adore their new ad campaign. They definitely revamped their look!

xoxo Hannah

Lindsay said...

I know exactly what you mean! Yuck, I remember dousing myself in Tommy Girl every day before school. I'm loving the new collection!

veronicaa said...

Their stuff is really cute!
Stepping up for sure :)
Lots of the pieces would be versatile!
XO Veronica

Olivia RPS said...

wonderful photos!
Olivia x

medical accident claim said...

wow those puppies so so cute love the warm looking outfit

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is truly one of my favorite fall 2010 ad campaigns! I actually pulled the entire spread out of Vogue to place in my inspiration folder - it is phenomenal! And I am SO coveting those lace-up over the knee boots. Love!! :)

Alyssa / A Muse A Day said...

I'm loving this campaign too. Kind of reminds me of Madewell meets Ralph Lauren Rugby. So happy preppy is back.

Brittany said...

I love their new twist on things! Thanks for sharing :)

bee.marie said...

I did my internship with them and LOVED everything. They're all about preppy plaids and stripes and totally wearable looks. The european stuff is all made of satins and silks and totally higher class than the old school Tommy stuff you think of.

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