Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help pick a logo for La Petite Fashionista!

The time has come for La Petite Fashionista to get its own logo! I wanted something with the 3 F's: fashionable, feminine, w/a dash of french flair! Here's what the lovely people at Kool Design Maker have come up with for me & I want your help in helping me pick!

Logo 1
Logo 2
Logo 3
Logo 4

xoxo, lauren


Leia said...

A new logo, how exciting! I've voted :)


Sherin said...

Eeeep: they're all brilliant. I voted. It was a tough choice between 1 and 4!

Lindsay said...

Ohh love it! I am obsessed with the addition of la tour eiffel! Can't wait to see which one wins!

BASIIK said...

Love the fourth one, but they're all really pretty.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I voted for number four; it is most definitely my favorite!! :)

Gracey said...

Ooh they are all so cute! Yay logo :)

Rosa&Carlotta said...

They're beautiful! I voted for #1 but #4 is great too!

check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

casino online said...

All nice but I like Logo 1 among others.

Diário do Figurino said...

New logo? all beautiful but I vote for 3.

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