Friday, November 19, 2010

Making a Statement

When it comes to accesssories, my personal rule is; it's okay to excess-orize. I have a major weakness for big statement jewelry, especially necklaces. Even if i'm feeling uninspired, it's so easy to throw on something large & sparkly and feel stylish.

This Seneca Rising lookbook perfectly demonstrates the power of making a statement with accessories!
It's a lot easier to find statement necklaces in pearls & crystal right now, but I think think the colorful stones pack more of a punch to an outfit!
Making a Statement
Would you wear a statement necklace?
xoxo, Lauren


ediot said...

thanks for sharing this amazing editorial - I'm right with you on the more is more.. i love big necklaces and rings and bracelets
and the clothes in the editorial are gorgeoUS too.
wish you a wonderful weekend dear
take care


I need more big, bold necklaces like these!

Allison said...

I LOVE statement necklaces! All of these are SO gorgeous, and I love that the statement necklace is just that - a statement. The rest of the jewelry is subtle, and allows the necklace to totally shine.
All the clothes pair so perfectly with these gorgeous necklaces :)
Great selections, Lauren! Have a gorgeous weekend, xo.

Sarah Collins said...

i am pro big necklaces!!! one of my go to outfits is a plan white shirt with dark skinny jeans and tall boots with a big statement necklace! i have several big ones that make this such an easy go to outfit that i can change up every time with different big statement jewelry!

lisa said...

I'm definitely on board with statement necklaces! They're fantastic for jazzing up simple necklines and adding visual interest to a basic outfit. I have a few that I like to wear often from Forever 21 and H&M.

Sherin said...

Excess-orizing is definitely allowed. I love wearing tons of jewellery, especially statement pieces. This is such a great editorial!!

Megan said...

I like to keep my jewelry minimal, but sometimes I wear a statement necklace with a LBD. I really like that blue necklace in the last picture.

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