Friday, December 17, 2010

Dressy Casual: a Fashion Oxymoron

First it was Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, then it was J. Crew President Jenna Lyons, now its your turn! The mixing of dressy and casual is no new concept to the fashion world, but it can take a little style courage to wear this look.
Guide to Mixing Dressy & Casual
As anyone who follows my blog knows, I'm a big fan of sequins for day, strappy heels, & glamour for day. Too not look too overdone keep it to one or two dressy pieces balanced out with something much more casual. One of my favorite styles is a denim jacket with a silky tulip skirt & motorcycle boots. It can even be something as simple as a faux fur collar with a plaid flannel button down.
Do you like to mix dressy & casual; what are your favorite pieces to pair?
xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

Definitely! One of my favorite recent outfits was a pair of black skinny jeans with a cream lace top and black riding boots - not too fancy or extravagant, until I added a leopard faux fur jacket on top. It's not an oxymoron, it's a style that totally works! You chose great pictures to go along with this post.

xoxo Hannah

lisa said...

I love dressy casual looks! They're great for a West Coast lifestyle because the aesthetic in Vancouver skews to the casual anyway, so these sorts of looks are great for transitioning from day to night seamlessly. I like adding accessories like a statement necklace, brooch, or interesting earrings to achieve it.

Sherin said...

Dressy casual is such a fun look. I haven't tried it yet, but would love to.

E said...

I love this concept. A girl's gotta have a little glam, even when she's "dressing down" :-)

MizzJ said...

The Olsens are such great role models for this type of dressing. I like doing this often b/c my office is pretty casual, but I still like to look somewhat put together!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yes, yes, yes! I ALWAYS mix dressy and casual - especially sequins with basic tops and riding boots. It's seriously one of my favorite looks!! :)

Kimberlee said...

YES! I'm a big fan of sequins/sparkles in the daytime :)

Leia said...

I think you do dressy casual like a pro, Lauren! I'm not so good at it - I tend to go either very dressy or very casual... it's hard for me to find the balance.


julie said...

Love MK + Ash. I'm also in love with the sparkly gold top. beautiful!

Cheers! -Julie

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