Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift Guides for: The Glamour Girl, the Jetsetter, and Eco-Conscious Chick!

Finally I'm finished with finals & now all I have to worry about is working retail during the holidays (crazy in itself), baking lots of cookies, & finding the perfect Christmas gifts!
I'm going to be releasing a few gift guides for gifts under $50 for every type of friend (& boyfriends/family). For those of you like me a little behind on your gift giving (& buying), maybe you'll find some suggestions!
Gift Guide for: The Glamour Girl
Gift Guide for: The Jetsetter
Gift Guide for: The Eco-Conscious Girl
You can click through the sets to find the gifts to purchase online! I'm also planning on buying quite a bit handmade on etsy for more unique gifts.
Who are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for?
xoxo, lauren


Gudrun and Iris said...

nice ones! great idea to do the gift guides via polyvore :D love it!!

Megan said...

Really like the picks for the guide for the jetsetter.

BASIIK said...

That Chanel nail color is divine. So gorgeous.

BASIIK said...

Oh, and I like that you did a set for the eco-conscious. I am extremely and I always look for them and all anyone focuses on are 'Girly-girl' and 'Tomboy'. Thanks!

Petite Chic[k] said...

Great ideas! And lucky you for being done with finals--mine don't start til Tuesday :( And good luck with the retail job...those are always CRAZY during the holidays.

mademoisellehannah said...

I want the entire Glamour Girl set! Gorgeous choices.

I'm struggling most to find gifts for my two best friends. It would be easy to give them pretty earrings or makeup or something girly, but they're not into that sort of thing at all! Any tips for the active, down-to-earth, non-materialistic type of girl?

xoxo Hannah

bee.marie said...

I LOVE that My wonderful world of fashion. It's so fabulous! I've spent too many hours doing it!

Caroline Hallemann said...

Such good suggestions! I love all three sets!



es genial! pasate!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Lauren these are the most perfect gift guides EVER! I especially love the Glamour Girl set. Luckily, I have already finished my Christmas shopping - though I wouldn't mind picking up a prezzie or two for myself!! :P

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