Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bongo for Bangles

If there's one thing I'm not afaid of it's over-accessorizing; excessorizing if you please. A lot of people know me for my signature wrist of mixed and matched bangles and bracelets; I think it's the Florida girl in me. Mango Tree Bangles sent me a few of their colorful hand carved and painted bangles made from what else, mango trees!
I mixed in a few of my own bracelets with the bangles; a turquioise bracelet, a leather wrap, & gold chain link. I love the pop of color from this crocheted paisley and keep things from getting too colorful with my favorite black leather motorcycle jacket!
The unique thing about the Mango Tree bangles is that they're fitted to your wrist, there's a tiny opening to slip your wrist in, so they stay on better and don't overwhelm small wrists like mine! (Their site has 15% off right now!)
I'm pretty much in love with the wrist full of bracelets look:
Would you wear the mixed and matched bracelets/bangles look?

xoxo. lauren


Petite Chic[k] said...

I wear tons of bracelets too! Everyone always knows when I'm entering the room because of the jingling sound they make. I never go anywhere without my bangles! My wrists are tiny too so I have a hard time finding bracelets that don't overwhelm them.

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love the pop of color against your jacket. I don't wear bracelets often, but I usually load up on rings.

xoxo Hannah

Lex said...

Love the pic with all the random bangles. The watch thrown in looks perfect. This is definitely a look I would wear

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I love bangles! I can't get enough of them. When I am in my Southeast Asian clothes, I go bangle crazy. I am in love with the last photo, all those bangles are just pretty.
&& I want mango tree bangle...



Sherin said...

I love mix and matching bracelets like that. It's so much fun (bracelets are my most favourite accessory!)
I love your ones. The colours are all so beautiful.

FashionGirl said...

Cute blog <3

What do you think abou following each other ?

I would be very happy ;)

Have a wonderful day !

Rin said...

Love love LOVE your bangles and the ones you featured. I like the look of lots of bangles, but I don't wear bracelets often. I find they get in the way.

the classic case said...

Excessorizing is my new favorite word!

Lauren said...

hey its lauren from modern marie, i hope you check out my new blog!

Alexandra Joy said...

Inspirational. Thanks! I love my accessories but don't usually do the bangles. I'm going to try it this week! ;) xo

bee.marie said...

I love bangles..for some reason they remind me of summer and whenever I'm reminded of summer its a good thing!

The Honeyroom said...

Awesome bangles and great colors, my motto is the more bangles the better!

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